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News of 19 October 2007




Results of battle of Arnhem plus photo’s and story

Four out of Four repeats

In the Amsterdam Arena this year four Golden Glory fighters fought and all were victorious. It is Sunday the 14th of October 2007 and again four Golden Glory fighters are scheduled to fight.

The Battle of Arnhem location Rijnhal Holland

First Dion Starring is fighting MMA fight against Imre Horvath In round one Dion gets the Take Down and is punishing his opponent with strikes, after about 4 minutes in to the round he knocks his opponent out on the ground with strikes. The ref did a good job in stopping the fight at the right moment after the lights went out from Horvath Winner by KO in round one Dion Starring Golden Glory

The second Golden Glory fight of the night in an MMA fight between Oktay Karatas and Chico Martinez, this rematch was long awaited by Oktay, who scored a take down in the early round and started to ground and pound his opponent. Chico defends well on the ground but Oktay stays in control and lands some hard solid punches to the face of Chico. They stand up again and Oktay almost scores with a nice high kick. In the second round it is again Oktay scoring the take down and starts again with his ground and pound offensive, which clearly marks the face of Chico now showing lumps and bruisers. The end of the fight is welcomed by Chico who received a lot of Damage. Winner by decision Oktay Golden Glory

The Aswhin Balrak (the finalist of the K-1 Sweden this year) is fighting against Henriques Sowa.
Aswhin scores immediately with some great kicks and punches. Balrak keeps the center of the ring and controls the fight and showed his famous rolling / flip kick which almost hit the head of Sowa.
The second round we can see a some good knees from Balrak and some combinations from both fighters. Balrak scoring with a nice high kick.
Round three it is again Balrak attacking with kicks but only from his left leg and hand as he did in the previous two rounds.
Easy win for Balrak, winner decision Aswhin Balrak Golden Glory

The main event is Errol Zimmerman against Rodney Faverus.
Lots of speculation on the Dutch internet forums and magazines, were actually Zimmerman says that he really is starting to be serious that he sleeps at night when his friends are partying. Errol was in the gym and he will not let his second chance go for making it to the big league.
The first round we can see the unbelievable power of Zimmerman were every kick and punch is brutal force and very hard. At the end of the round Zimmerman knocks down Faverus, who just could get up before the end of the bell and round 1. Round two we can see Zimmerman fighting backwards trying to counter on Rodney’s attacks. Errol is learning more and more and divides his power over this round to unleash another brutal attack in round three. Big licks, knee and punches from Zimmerman and the bell are welcomed by Rodney.
Zimmerman is ready for the big boys, he wants to be a final 8 next year and he is a serious candidate being only 21 years old with 70 fights and only 6 losses, with half of them won by ko!
Fourth victory of the night: Winner Errol Zimmerman Golden Glory

The next day more good news as Stefan Leko wins his fight in Turkey Istanbul, a great performance by a very frustrated Leko who is not qualified because a Japanese referee could not count till 8!

Golden Glory is on a roll and it predicts great things to come to finish a very good 2007

Photo’s by: Ronald Eckringa from, story Bas Boon

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