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News of 15 July 2007



TOKYO, July 15 2007

Siyar Bahaduzada has a nice story to tell, the young golden glory fighter which is nick named “the war child” is a refugee from the country Afghanistan.
Training with Golden Glory Martijn de Jong and sparring with famous fighters from team Golden Glory, this young talented fighters has build an impressive record of 21 fights 2 lost, 2 draw 17 wins with 7 submissions and 9 ko’s.
Siyar is spreading the right message “with officials from the country Afghanistan travelling with him to Japan” fight for your living as an athlete not with guns and bombs and suicide missions but sports. It took a lot of paperwork and embassy visits and special permission from the Dutch government finally made it possible to make Siyar’s dream come thru. Siyar proved he was making a living from professional fighting, but not in the Afghan dessert but in a ring. It was time for the young Afghan, it was time to go to Japan and make his dream come thru!

The opponent is the “crazy” MMA champion Shiko Yamashita a Japanese fighter who is known for taking and giving great deals of punishment.

It is funny with hero’s having a division of till 85 kg tournament; Shooto has not really an active light heavyweight division. Yamashita is heavy for a Japanese fighter . Japan never really produced a lot of great heavyweight talented fighters.
But in April 2006 Japanese Yamashita surprised everybody as he conquered the Shooto title.

Bahaduzada showed great boxing skills when the fight started it was clear he was the far better stand up fighter and had an excellent takedown defence, sprawling successfully from every take down attacks of Yamashita. The Golden Glory fighter’s right hand landing in the face of Japanese opponent could be heard all over Tokyo (Tokyo this night was under attack by the worst Typhoon in 50 years). The reach advantage was greatly exploited from Siyar .Siyar was throwing huge rights bombs which was welcomed by the Japanese audience with a lot of ooehhh and aaahss when they impact in the face of the Japanese opponent, knocking him down and and causing a huge cut below the Japanese fighter’s left eye. A devastating first round with lots of one sided action from Siyar.

The Japanese fighter has to be given credit, oooohhhhhh my god did he take some punches in this fight. The left eye looked completely closed, and it was a miracle that he was still standing. Every take down effort was sprawled by Bahaduzada.
When finally the fight went to the ground the Japanese fighter could not do anything to bring Siyar in danger.
It was unbelievable that Yamashita was still standing after an impact of a devastating knee from Siyar in the last round seconds before the fight ended. The bell rang and was welcomed by the Japanese corner. Big credit for the fighting spirit of the Japanese opponent but even more for the young Afghan who proved his record is not a fluke.

Bahaduzada won unanimous decision (30-26 three times) and became, the Shooto Light Heavyweight Champion.

Story by: Bas Boon and Lindsay Muro (c) Golden Glory photo’s by Endo / Sabrye

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