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News of 14 August 2007



Las Vegas 11 th. August 2007 Stefan Leko vs Might Mo Battle at Bellagio

Both Chalid Arrab and Stefan Leko are very popular in Las Vegas, Stefan won two tournaments in Las Vegas and several super fights and Chalid won the eight men tournament last year in the Mirage in Las Vegas.
So K-1 approached Golden Glory’s Stefan and Chalid for two super fights in Las Vegas. Errol Zimmerman and Saki were also mentioned for the tournament. It is strange why both fighters were not allowed to participate in the tournament at the last moment, I guess four fighters at the last 16 in Korea or last 8 in Japan is not a scenario wanted by K-1
K-1 Las Vegas always went smoothly to organize, within the Casino there is no bus ride to the event and you do not have to be their hours before the event starts.

Golden Glory stood at the airport they booked a few days longer and left Europe early at the 6th of August the following happened:
Chalid Arrab was refused to board the plane, the reason was that he was traveling on a replacement passport (German passport) and Chalid was not allowed without a visa to enter the United States with this replacement passport.
Very strange as Chalid traveled to Japan and other countries on this same passport, but we guess his family name Arrab caused an alarm thread for the United States customs.
He was told to obtain a visa at the embassy and so the whole team left except Chalid who would follow two days later straight after his meeting at the embassy.
Then there is still hope, so as the Golden Glory team arrived manager Boon called Germany, but after a night of no sleep and being online and 24 hour on the telephone: no good news came from Germany. Chalid was not given a visa and had to stay in Germany, two months of hardcore training wasted.

Excuse me K-1 uhhu “we have a problem” Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?
Yes Chalid is still in Germany, the problems got bigger when the MRI cat scan of Bjorn Breggy showed a metal plate and this made the athletic commission in the first place not give Breggy permission to fight. Another tournament fighter missed his plane. Later he still was allowed to fight.
The solution came again from Leko ( he switched last time to when Karaev became his opponent) so Leko and the GG management accepted Mighty Mo as an opponent.
Leko told the press that he was happy to fight Mo as he thought it was an easier opponent (after the fight from Vondercheck that night, Stefan was not wrong with his assumption).

It was easy to talk about Mighty Mo but the job still had to be done. Leko was full of confidence and did not blink an eye when they were head to head. The fight started and Leko did exactly what was told by master trainer Cor Hemmers. Move to the right and attacking Mighty Mo with low kicks.
Leko even landed some spinning back fist and a spinning back kick which impact could be heard in the next ball room. Mighty Mo was maybe impressed or not him self but the huge right bomb never came. He did not really fought or thrown any combinations and when he did Leko professionally countered with some hard low kicks. In round two and three we can see the same game plan. Stefan moving around and when both are meeting each other there is the clinch. We can see Leko attacking with a spinning back fist and low kicks and a turning kick. Then the fight is over and all three judges score the fight 30-27 in favour for the Blitz, who was simply to fast for Might Mo.
After an 8 ko winning strea,k Mighty Mo met Golden Glory and was introduced to the feeling of: pain! First Semmy Schilt and now Stefan “the Blitz” made an end on the big right hand myth.
The blitz is ready for September 29th and by then Chalid should have his passport issue sorted out, so Golden Glory can make a strong appearance in Korea.

Story by Bas Boon, photo’s (c) Bas Boon / Golden Glory

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