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News of 14 April 2008




13 April 2008 Yokohama Arena Tokyo Japan K-1 WGP series

Semmy Schilt vs Mark Hunt K-1 world heavyweight title fight

Mark Hunt is one of the few none Dutch fighters who ever won the K-1 WGP final tournament. Schilt who beat Erensto Hoost, Peter Aerts and Remy Bonjasky (multiple times) made his way to the ring his normal way. The terminator look could be seem on Schilt’s face and it looked like just another day at the office for Schilt.
Hunt has been busy in the MMA scene lately, he had stand up wars and wins over Wanderlei Silva he defeated Ronny Sefu,Stefan Leko, Jerohme Le Banner, Gary Goodridge , Mike Bernardo and Mirko Cro Cop. Many forum visiters fro MMA sites claimed Hunt would be the man who would land that huge bomb to knock down Semmy, the truth was far from that!

Semmy started the fight with some good low kicks and jabs and Hunt tried a few overhand rights. Semmy pushed the fight by being very active landing a solid high kick after two minutes and 45 seconds into the fight on commando of his corner. Hunt was warned his left leg was already bruised by low kicks from Semmy and now he knew to keep his hands up because of that high kick, ten seconds before the end of the round you can hear coach Dave Jonkers screams back kick, backward kick and as commended Semmy made a spinning back kick which landed right in the liver of Mark Hunt, who got KO for the first time.

Semmy made a speech and told the audience that this was his first fight as a father (his wife gave birth to a sun) and that he hoped his sun would be proud of him.

Great performance from the strongest K-1 champion ever!! Congratulations Semmy

Anothernew father of the Golden Glory stable is Chalid ” Die Faust” Arrab

Chalid was fighting Aleksandr Pitchkunov from Russia

Chalid is a business man fighting for a hobby and honor (he is a self made successful business man). The German fighter fighting for Golden Glory won the Las Vegas K-1 GP tournament and is know for his aggressive fighting style.
Chalid had some bad luck with sickness and visa problems and therefore he only fought once in a whole year. To make things more complicated, he just became father (little girl named Loubna) 1 day before his departure to Japan and almost had to cancel this fight a well.

Chalid could not give his normal performance and a few hour sleep is not the best preparation for an important fight like this. Chalid came out punching starting this fight with his normal trade mark: punching.
A good three rounds were both fighters scored, Chalid with his fist and Aleksandr with his legs and knees. Aleksandr scored well with his kicks and knees over three rounds but Chalid was the more aggressive fighter and did more damage, the head of Aleksandr looked like a lobster. It took a draw and another draw to finally after 5 rounds give a split decision to Aleksandr.

Chalid did not like his performance, but has a healthy daughter and is a happy men!

At the home front Golden Glory young new super talent Gokhan “the rebel” Saki is preparing for the Arena fight on April 26th against former GP Amsterdam tournament winner Paul Slowinsky. Errol Zimmerman will fight in the tournament. Niecky Holzken will fight Joery Mess and Alistair Overeem will fight an MMA fight against former GG member Gilbet Yvel.

It’s a busy month for Golden Glory

Story by Bas Boon photos by FEG www.goldenglory.com

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