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News of 13 November 2007



2 November Istanbul Turkey Gokhan Saki (Turkey) vs Magomedov (Russia)

It is the first time K-1 is promoting in Turkey with rising star from Golden Glory Gokhan Saki.

Saiki has an impressive winning streak, winning from Amada in Japan ( ko win in the second round), to defeat Murad Bourzidi in the Arena in Amsterdam, to defeat Harry Hoofd by ko in the 1 st round, to defeat Kevin Klinger by ko in round 1 during the ultimate glory event and then Saki fought in Turkey against Jeremy Illiades to win again by ko in round 1.

Many people said that Saki had easy opponents and that he was not ready against Magomedov who defeated fellow Golden Glory fighter Leko in an extra round in Croatia on points this year.

It was crazy night in Istanbul Turkey, with a full arena the Turkey fans went crazy when the young Golden Glory fighter Gokhan Saki knocked Magomedov down twice in the first round. The referee should have stopped the fight already but Magomedov just survived the round. Great start of this superfight.

Round two is another good round from both fighters, Saki scores with hard inside low kicks and punch combinations. Magomedov is trying to fight himself back in the fight and lands a good knee, which causes a cist above the right eye of Gokhan but Saki has no problem continue the fight.

Round three both fighters try to get the round but it is again Saki who is more aggressive and scoring more then Magomedov. Gokhan Saki wins the fight with 3-0 and shows the world that he is the next big young K-1 star with great potential.

A little upset after the fight came when Saki friendly kicked Magomedov in the butt, which was interrupted as an attack by Magomedov and it finally resulted in many Turkish fans jumping in the ring and were starting fighting themselves. The problem was quickly solved and later both fighters came back in the ring and the shook hands. Great promotions with crazy TV ratings on fox sports in Turkey.

Story Bas Boon, Photo’s by K-1

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