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News of 10 October 2007



29 September 2007 K-1 GP Eliminations Korea

Last year Golden Glory had three fighters with the last best fighters of the world, the problem then is who do you choose and what to do if fighting a team mate. But we should not complain it is a luxury we were looking for again this year. Sometimes things do not go as planned but through a strange way in the universe the K-1 Gp in Korea was a golden glory success with one negative point.
Semmy Schilt came to Korea and had a lot of self confidence he looked in great shape and this showed when he entered the arena and millions of fans around the world could see the terminator look on his face. No attention for the audience or jokes, his mission began.
Paul Slowinsky the Polish fighter trained by Ernesto Hoost and fighting for team perfect came to fight and so the fans got to see a great fight as long as it lasted. Schilt landing some hard left jabs on the face of Paul and Paul landing some good solid low kicks to the legs of Schilt. After two minutes and 10 seconds a monster knee by Schilt hits the face of Paul and he goes down. Winner by KO Semmy Schilt in round 1.
The second Golden Glory fighter at that night is Stefan Leko in a rematch against Remy, they fought twice against each other and the score was even. This fight was a war from the beginning with both fighters throwing everything they had. Some good knees by Remy some good punching combinations and a back kick from Stefan then 10 seconds before the ending of the fight a jumping knee from Bonjansky hit the3 chin of Leko, Leko goes down. But Leko is up at the count of four and is read to fight. Strange decision by the ref who did not even counted till 8 with a standing Leko in from of him with his hands up. The problem with a mistake like this is that you never know what would have happened if the fight would have continued. We would find that out in the next fight in a similar situation with team mate Chalid die Faust.
Chalid did not fight for one year and this was because of long negotiations and a problem with his visa in Germany when he supposed to have fought in Las Vegas.
He missed fighting rhythm but he prepared himself well, had a little injury on his ankle and hip but nothing serious. The first round is a little different then the Remy vs Leko fight, but also Chalid has to eat a big knee and receives and eight count. This referee is restarting the fight and Chalid chooses to attack Glaube again. Little for the end of the round Chalid gets a left jab and receives another 8 count. Again the ref makes the right decision and continues the fight. Then in round two the audience can view slug fest were Chalid is trying to ko Glaube at any moment of the fight and Glaube looking for the counter. A great fight by two great warriors and Chalid showing tons of heart and the audiences on their chairs what a great fight.
The result is that Chalid is asked to fight again at the December event but Leko never got the chance to continue by a mistake from the referee. The boss from the organisation from referee and judges came to team Golden Glory and told us before we even complain ourselves, to write an official complain letter for a very wrongful decision, they saw the mistake of the referee and K-1 only wanted to have a good fight and they also were convinced the stoppage came to soon.

Peter Aerts scored a nice ko over Ray Sefo so did Baddr Hari in round two over Dough Vinny another strange decision with Hong Men Choi vs Mighty Mo were Choi got rewarded for a groin kick by giving Mighty Mo an eight count.
The next day was the drawing and Semmy received ball 7 (not the best ball of the night) however he got the opponent he wanted to choose and it turned out fine.

K-1 RULES / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R
Jerome Le Banner France / Le Banner X tream Team VS Hong Man Choi Republic of Korea / Freelance

K-1 RULES / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R
Semmy Schilt Holland / Seido Kaikan VS Glaube Feitosa Brazil / Kyokushin Kaikan

K-1 RULES / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R
Badr Hari Morocco / Show Time VS Remy Bonjasky Holland / Team Bonjasky

K-1 RULES / 3Min. 3R Ext.1R
Peter Aerts Holland / Team Aerts VS Junichi Sawayashiki Japan / Team Dragon

The president of K-1 was so impressed by the Chalid fight, that he receives the first reserve spot on the December show, if the complain from Stefan is takes serious by K-1, he to deserves a spot as a reserve fighter and finally again three Golden Glory fighters would be present at the finals.
I think the spectators were the big winners of this great night of fights, which was by far the best K-1 Fight Night this year. Lots of KO’s, drama and emotions.
I feel very sorry for Stefan and hope a solution can be found for him, great for Chalid that despite one year no fighting he preformed so well and Semmy showing that he is ready for the finals by knocking out his opponent. I want to thank SBS6 for their broadcasting and support for our Dutch fighters and I sure hope the finals will be as big as a success as this event in Korea was.

Story by Bas Boon and Lindsay Muro photo’s copyright by (c)golden glory bas boon

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