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News from 10 May 2007



The New Generation

Results of Fight Balance Event Night in Tilburg Holland 7 April 2007-04-09

Golden Glory is world renowned for K-1 Champion Semmy Schilt and fighters like Chalid Arrab, Stefan Leko and Alistair Overeem.

The fighters all began to fight at small events or events in Europe.
April 7th was an important date for Golden Glory in 2007, as all young new talent were put their honour and fighting spirit on the line.
Errol Zimmerman who has now a ko victory over Noafal Benazouz and 26 ko’s in the first round fought Wallis Brecht from Belgium, who has a lot of experience and put 30kilo’s more on the scale.
Errol is getting very popular in Holland because of his explosive fight style, jumping knees and kicks make him very attractive to watch and always looking for the ko.
The first round is for Errol, who showed a lot a different kicks and knee attacks and landing some good punches, the second round Wallis is moving forward a lot and landing some straight right punches, however Errol is active and energetic, with jumping knees from the clinch and countering with hard middle kicks.
In the third round Errol shows signs of fatique which is normal considering the high kicks and jumping knees he is producing during this fight. At the end Errol looses balance and lands on his butt in the corner, but referee Joop Ubeda is alert and knows it is not a knock down. Then the bell rings and Errol proves that he can bang with the big guys at the young age of 20, unanimous winner Errol Zimmerman.

Then Niecky The Natural Holtzken vs Ruslan Kaladko Bellarus

The K-1 max champion from Sweden 2006 showed great improvement against the strong Russian (who won his last 6 fights by ko). Holtzken knick name became alive as a natural talent. Cor Hemmers and Ramon Dekkers in his corner this young Golden Glory fighter at only 24 years of age has fought already 50 fights and won more then half by ko.
K-1 max champion this year is the new goal from the young potential champion.
In the Dutch press the fight was awarded the best fight of the night.

Aswhin Balrak fought the rematch against Samir Ben Azzouz.
This was a great fight. Both athletes performed well. Balrak being the aggressor and countering with a lot of knees and middle kicks. In round two Balrak is landing a huge high kick but Samir has a big fighting heart and a very tough and hard head.
In round three Balrak is even trying a salto during the fight, at the end of the fight Balrak is the winner

Then Ray Starring against Tarik El Idrissie

This fight was not under K-1 max rules and so Tarik being a clinch and knee specialist did what he knew best, clinch. Not a great match for the spectators and certainly not as entertaining as the other fights.
Tarik wins on minimum points leaving a disappointed Ray Starring.

Then the main event Aziz Jahjah vs Bjorn Breggy Switserland

The young Aziz made name when he won 2 years ago the $100.000 dollar tournament in France, first became the winner in Thailand eight men tournament to then win the 8 men tournament in France.
Aziz climbed to the heavyweight division – only 26 years of age taking on Bjorn Breggy.
Breggy’s last encounter was with Golden Glory fighter Semmy Schilt who broke the jaw of Breggy in two places.
The first round we see Aziz scoring a lot pf points with low kicks and landing some big right straight punches, Breggy moving forward with overhand rights and throwing some knees.
In round two it is Breggy pushing the fight and looking for the clinch to land knees. Breegy is throwing low kicks which are blocked by Aziz.
The referee stopped the fight as there was a huge cut on Breggy’s shinbone, an injury which can take a long time to heal. Winner by TKO Aziz Jahjah.

Great performances by all the new and upcoming talent from team Golden Glory.

Story: by Lindsay Muro. Photo’s (C) Ben Pontier

Foto’s Niecky Balnce Fight night april 7th 2007 Tilburg Holland
foto’s (C) Ben Pontier

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