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News of 1 July 2008



Semmy Schilt breaks record in Fukuoka – the longest victory streak in K-1 history!

Semmy Schilt vs Jerome Le Banner Fukuoka 29 June 2008

The former record holder of the longest undefeated K-1 champion was Peter Aerts. Schilt is breaking all records and his goal is getting the K-1 GP belt for the fourth time in a row.

Le Banner looked in great shape, but Semmy also looked in the shape of his life.
It was a good fight from both fighters, Le Banner scoring with low kicks and Schilt countering with jabs and punch combinations, scoring with some dangerous right hand straight punches.
Le Banner even ate a knee and got almost hit with a spinning turning kick to the head.
When the fight ends Schilt wins with 2-0, just another victory?

Not really, if we see the list of victories of the last few years Schilt did not loose any fights (14 to be exact). The two losses he did have (long time ago) against Hong Men Choi (strange home town decision) and his decision lost against Aerts in new Zealand (two yellow cards in the last round) and the draw against Hoost (strange draw at dynamite show) Semmyfs dominated all his fights. It was commentator Michael Schiavello who actually made me aware that Schilt now not only holds the record of winning the title for three years in a row, but also has the longest victory streak now in K-1 history!

In an interview Schilt was asked: Who is left for you to fight? Schilt answered: Not really anybody. But on the other hand there plenty of fighters in other organizations. What Schilt meant: Dreams the UFC or any other MMA organization – Schilt considers a new challenge. The question of an opponent came later: Schilt answered that he would not mind fighting Cro Cop on MMA rules!

Schilt also told the press that he sees fighting as his job – to defend the title well and to win and to be in top shape at every fight he is given! He is a proud young father and has new goals, after grabbing the 4th K-1 GP belt this year. He wants the heavyweight belt in MMA. Semmy improved on his stand up skills and it will be very interesting to see how he developes and improves his ground game. Semmyfs trainers and everybody at Golden Glory are convinced that if Semmy fully focuses himself on MMA, he could successfully make a name for himself in MMA too. As former king of Pancrase, UFC and Pride veteran it is going to be a very interesting year – 2009! When Dream will do a heavyweight Grand Prix with fighters like Cro Cop, Hunt, Kharitonov, Alistair, Schilt and Le Banner, we will definitely have some great fights to look forward to in 2009!

Photo’s (C) Bas Boon Golden Glory
Fight will be broadcasted in Holland on SBS6 Friday July 4th 23.45 (


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