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News from 1 Januari 2007



Osaka Japan 31-12-2006 K-1 Premium Dynamite

Golden Glory had a great year and wishes all martial arts fans and people around the world a happy new year

Semmy Schilt had a busy year since gaining the K-1 GP crown in 2005 he has fought 11 fights within one year. After the incredible performance from the tall Golden Glory fighter Schilt to become K-1 Champion in 2006 for the second time, he deserved a holiday. Manager Boon planned to go to Vancouver and Semmy and his long time trainer and coach Dave Jonkers plus sparring partner Jelle Waringa went to Sri Lanka. In the beginning they went not for a holiday to Sri Lanka but to prepare for the Dynamite show for Nye 2006 show in Osaka

Boon was not suppose to get a family gathering with his Canadian girlfriend Lindsay, everyday for two weeks before Christmas team Schilt was calling from Sri Lanka to Boon in Holland, who is the opponent for NYE and what style would Semmy fight, MMA Herofs or K-1 style? Finally K-1 told Boon that he was not participating for NYE on the 18th of December. When Boon knew, he informed Semmy and the team, and took a flight to Vancouver for meeting the family and Semmy could finally drink some beers and start relaxing and enjoying his so deserved holiday.

But this so called holiday for team Schilt and Boon turned in to a strange Christmas celebration, as Boon arrived in Vancouver he had problems with sleep because of the time difference and finally being together with the family, the phone rings on Christmas evening. Hey this is K-1: can Semmy fight on Nye evening? His opponent will be Peter Graham.

I (Bas) was standing outside in the cold in the middle of nowhere some were in Canada with my mobile phone ( not slept for 2 days) negotiating with the team. Semmy and Dave were very angry, just quitting training for almost one week and enjoying the holiday. When finally everybody agreed to go to Japan and take the fight, there was no turkey left for me when I came inside to enjoy the Christmas dinner. When I came back in the house after yelling on the streets of Vancouver through my beloved mobile phone there was one cold piece of turkey left and angry eyes of the family members and girlfriend (who is this strange guy from Holland, leaving the Christmas dinner before it started, Great way to meet the grandparents for the first time!) The other problem came when all flights were fully booked because of the holidays. Finally Team Schilt arrived from Sri Lanka thru Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei in Osaka, I had a horrible flight from Canada but all arrived finally in Japan on the 29th of December. The trainer Dave Jonkers had a nice scream up with his wife in Sri Lanka. The restaurant in Vancouver I booked for the Nye calibration was not going to happen with me, I was in Japan.

Duty calls, business as usual.

Semmy was relaxed and the whole team was nicely browned from the sunny country Sri Lanka, he attended the press conference and all went well. I still did get no sleep and was running on tablets to avoid strong headaches. Finally Semmy fought a great fight with this strange preparation; he did what he had to do. Every round Semmy caused pain to Peter Graham. Graham who talked during the fight with comments: that hurts (after receiving a nice hard Christmas high kick from Schilt), good one, ok now more. Semmy got a point victory and played the fight save not, taking to much risk but always in control.

Oh, by the way Bas can you do the commentary with Michael and Royce Gracie for the whole night; ask K-1 two hours before the fight? ooh well ahum, ok not knowing what this adventure would bring, Boon said ok and sat on a very hard chair for hours screaming in a microphone and was excuses for 1 fight to take a rest, that fight was Sammyfs fight. Being in the corner of Semmy after that horrible chair made my butt into a flat painful board, was very welcome.

After the Dynamite show took place there was the after party, Bas excuses himself with Semmy and Dave at 10 ofclock, time to go to sleep, when finally woke up at 4 ofclock the phone ring, happy new year!! I thought were am I?? Ooh thatfs right I am in a hotel room in Japan Osaka alone, I guessed I slept thru the New Year? Good thing Japan was 8 hours ahead from Holland and 16 hours from Vancouver. I am planning to make a phone call to whish the families a happy new year. Golden Glory had a crazy 2006, Winning four 8 men tournaments and almost all other individual fights. I am exited; can 2007 get any better then this? I am kind of sad to, since 2003 no celebration with the family for NYE. When everybody was celebrating this article and pictures were produced by a workaholic, but no complains, I choose for this life but sometimes whished it could be a little easier. The new year brought me five hours sleep, what a great way to start the year, I needed that!
Best wishes from the whole golden glory team for 2007

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