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Manager Cor Hemmers





Cor Hemmers

Birthplace:Breda, the Netherlands
Birth date:8/24/1956

Cor Hemmers was born in Breda, the Netherlands, on 24 August 1956. Already at a very young age Cor displayed leadership qualities, both at school and in social life.
After finishing high school, Cor went to university, where he graduated in mathematics. After having fulfilled his military service, he attended a specialized study of law as part of his employment as head of the claims department at a large insurance company.
Meanwhile Cor fanatically practiced martial arts, with judo as a basis, with which he started at the age of 6. When he was 15, he switched to Kyokishinkai karate. In 1976, Cor actively entered the arena of competitive sport(s), namely that of full-contact karate. After various successful contests, he was introduced to Penak Silat, a martial art from Indonesia, which Cor practiced under the guidance of ‘Pa Flohr’. Cor also fought some fights in this discipline.
In the mid-80s, Muay Thai was introduced in the Netherlands and alongside his training in traditional English boxing, Cor became an active Muay Thai fighter in the so-called A-class. He ended his active fighting career as the ruling number 1 of the Netherlands. In 1984, Cor set up his own gym called ‘Maeng Ho/Hemmers’. In all, Cor fought 29 matches of which he won 25, lost three, and drew one.
Cor Hemmers soon proved to have large didactic and pedagogic talents, which, in combination with his experience in martial arts, enabled him to achieve results of world fame. Over the years, Cor has produced 13 world champions in all categories. A random selection from his former stable: Ramon Dekkers, Noel van den Heuvel, Maikel Lieuwfat, Farit El Moussaoui, Said Mbarki, Andre Masseurs, Tony Luciano, Luc Verheijen, Dennis Krauweel, Bas Rutten, Spyridon, and Yilmaz. A few women also became world champions under his guidance, such as Danielle Somers, Songul Oruc and Zelda Tekin. Furthermore, other celebrities like Peter Aarts, Peter Smit, Rob Kaman, Rick Rufus, Satake, Andy Hug were also trained or coached by him on various occasions.
He was also often asked to organize seminars and training programs all over the world, with a two-week training of Mr. Ishhi’s complete K1-team as the highlight.
Cor Hemmers is currently still an active trainer-coach, with the focus on mixed martial arts . This type of martial arts was initiated only two years ago yet he has already developed world-class fighters such as Heath Herring, Valentijn Overeem, Chalid Arab and Paul Cahoon. Hemmers’ current professional stable in Breda consists of Heath Herring (Texas USA), Valentijn Overeem (Holland), Cahlid Arab (Germany/Morocco), Stefan Leco (K1)(Germany/Croatia), Fatih Kocamis (Germany/Turkey), Paul Cahoon (Liverpool/England), Benny (Belgium), Murat (Chechenia), Kazeka Muniz (Brazil) and Ramon Dekkers (Holland); They all live or stay in or near Breda in order to train under Cor Hemmers’ supervision.
In addition to his job as trainer of Golden Glory, Cor is also manager of the Golden Glory team. As a result of the large number of fighters currently belonging to the team, the managemnet job has become too much for one person to handle. It was therefore decided to divide the job of manager over two persons as of 1 January 2006, namely Bas Boon and Cor Hemmers.