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Event 15 January 2008



20 January 2008: ULTIMATE GLORY 7
– Major Professional Shooto and Muay Thai Event

Professional Shooto (or Mixed Martial Arts, hereinafter MMA) is a sport that has come into the mainstream in recent years, the skill of the sport now widely recognized. A combination of kick boxing, wrestling and ju-jitsu, there are now tens of thousands of people practicing these forms of martial arts in Holland and the rest of the Europe.

The organizers of Ultimate Glory – which takes place on Sunday 20 January at De Flint in Amersfoort, Holland – have brought together some of the top fighters in the world for what will be a great Shooto event to be hosted in Holland.

UG7 will be a host of international fighters billed to attend from Poland, Belgium, France, Brazil plus the best of local MMA & Muay Thai fighters from the Netherlands.

At Ultimate Glory 7 look out for Golden Glory’s finest Oktay Karatas taking on undeated Belgium MMA champion Tommy Depretz.

Tommy is a fearless fighter with knockout power and submission skills. He defeated all of his 9 opponents by KO or submission. His Ultimate Glory debut of 17 November was impressive. He knocked down his opponent with a right hook and caught him with a guillotine so tight that his opponent lost consciousness before they hit the ground!

Oktay Karatas on the other hand is a Golden Glory fighter with a lot of experience. The Muay Thai fighter from origin with vicious ground and pound skills is on a winning streak defeating Polish Judoka Gregorz Tredowski, Pride and Shootboxing fighter Brian Lo An Njoe, Deep fighter Yoshitomo Watanabe and Rings fighter Chico Martinez in a row. He is fighting in his hometown so expect the audience going crazy and chanting for another KO or TKO victory!
Ultimate Glory’s PR manager John Buijen says: “Like the previous 6 Ultimate Glories, we will present you another exciting line up with a mixture of K-1 and Shooto fights”. “Because of the tight cooperation between Team Golden Glory and Ultimate Glory we can present you a high end matchmaking with international allure!”.
“You should buy a ticket if it was only for the Oktay Karatas – Tommy Depretz fight, it is going to be a war!!”

Golden Glory manager and Ultimate Glory co-promoter Ron Nyqvist says “Don’t forget about the other Golden Glory stand outs. What about future K-1 stars and cousins Errol and Benji Zimmerman ready to make a mark”. “The Dutch Dave Dalgliesh versus Brazilian Vitor Vianna is also going to be a very interesting match. Dave with far more MMA fights (almost 50!) taking on a BJJ sensation from Brazil!”
Ultimate Glory promoter Martijn de Jong says: “This event we will also add a highly entertaining element called: Ultimate Glory’s next ring girl”. “The winner of the competition, which will take place during the 6 Dutch Ultimate Glory shows in 2008, will be crowned “Ultimate Glory’s Ring Girl 2008” and will get a year contract with event agency “Royal Orchid”.
“Ultimate Glory will be the host of at least 15 shows in 2008”. “Most of the shows will take place in Europe but we are also looking to do 2 shows in Asia”!
“Ultimate Glory 7 will have another special sidenote though, we will celebrate all the Golden Glory’s world titles of 2007: Semmy Schilt became K-1 Heavyweight and K-1 GP Champion, Alistair Overeem became Strikeforce’s first Heavyweight World champion, Afghan Siyar Bahadurzada became Lightheavyweight Shooto World champion and Krista Fleming became the female WFCA World Champion Muay Thai!”. A real New Years Fight Party!

SH C+ -76 kg
Wesley Quint (Tatsujin Arnhem, NL) vs Twan van Buren (Team Duncan, Utrecht, NL)

SH C+ -76 kg
Aram Clements (Tatsujin/Yamasaki, NL) vs Nicolas Manderlier (Shaolin Team, BE)

MT B -66kg
Arman Soufi (Team Karatas, NL) vs Sergio Menig (Clyde van Dams, NL)

MT B -65kg
Azad Soufi (Team Karatas, NL) vs Hedwig Pique (Clyde van Dams, NL)

SH B -70kg
Kuku Victor (Team Relex, NL) vs Cesario di Dominico (Tatsujin Amsterdam, NL)

SH B -83kg
Ahmed Bayrak (Team Karatas, NL) vs Melik Bellen (Siam Gym, NL)

SH A -83kg
Bastiaan Rejen (Tatsujin Dojo, NL) vs Gabriel Rossi (Toughring, CAN)

SH A -76kg
Roemer Trompert (Tatsujin Dojo, NL) vs Zelim Felican (Golden Gloves, BE)

SH A -70kg
Yohan Quoniam (Team Quoniam, FR) vs Marc Duncan (Team Duncan/Tatsujin Dojo, NL)

Errol Zimmerman (Golden Glory, NL) vs Orlando Breijenburg (MRN Sporting, NL)

SH A -91kg
Dave Dalgliesh (Tatsujin Dojo/Fightclub, NL) vs Vitor Vianna (Brasa/Never Shake, BR)

SH A -91kg
Hans Stringer (Team Super Pro, NL) vs Marco Biswana (Hardcore/Team Schilt, NL)

SH A -76kg
Oktay Karatas (Golden Glory, NL) vs Tommy Depret (Perfect Team, BE)

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