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News of 10 December 2007



Hatrick for Semmy Schilt winning the world K-1 GP Championships for third time on a row!

Semmy Schilts Golden Glory makes History in Japan becoming the winner of the K-1 World GP three times in a row, 2005,2006,2007
Semmy Schilt is the first k-1 fighter in the world who became three times K-1 champion of the world. The Dutchman prepared very hard and showed a lot of determination in reaching his goal to become the third time champion of the K-1 World Grand Prix 2007.
Never there has been such a strong champion as Semmy Schilt from Holland. The giant from Zuid Laren Holland was facing Glaube Feitosa from Brazil in his first fight of the tournament Saterday night December 8 th, 2007 in the sold out Yokohama Arena in Tokyo Japan.
The first fight of the night Semmy shows the audience spinning back kicks, jumping knees and even turning kicks and the first round was a very good one. However Glaube came to fight and in round two the dream was almost over for Semmy as the famous high kick of the Brazilian connected to the head of Semmy and made him wobble. However Sem Schilt recovered fast and now it was his turn to make Feitosa wobble with a well placed knee to the head. The third round is very exiting for the audience, Glaube Feitosa is trying everything he can to force a victory but Semmy shows why he was the two time k-1 champion and deserved the decision.
Winner and advancing to the next round Semmy Schilt
In his next fight Sem fights Jerome Le Banner from France who gave the other giant Hong Men Choi a beating. Both came from though fights and in the first minute of the fight it looked like Le banner was forcing an early ko. Again Schilt did what he had to do, carefully listen to his corner he landed some hard left jabs and low kicks, which resulted in a lot of damage for Le Banner. Le Banner did not really wanted to start the second round but he showed spirit by a last desperate offensive. Schilt placed a well timed low kick and the dreams for Le Banner for winning this GP were over. With a lot of pain he went down on his legs and was counted out. Winner by KO in round two and finalist Semmy Schilt.
Aerts had an easy opponent and did what he had to do with Junichi Sawayashiki From Japan, however Remy Bonjansky and Badr Hari fought a great fight and Remy who won by decision came to fight. The referee gave a warning to Bonjansky for inactivity. Remy got the message and started a few attacks against Aerts. Three rounds it took Peter to win a decision over Remy Bonjansky and the final would repeat itself from last year.
Aerts is unbelievable strong and last year’s final was not a present from Peter’s side. Schilt started the finals against Peter with a very hard low kick which made Peter loose his balance Peter was warned, Semmy just gave his visit card (I have a hard low kick to) landed some good punching combination and so did Peter Aerts. Then a minute into the first round Semmy lands two left jabs which both hits Peter’s head, the third left jab is really hard and throws Peter off balance which results in a twisted knee for Peter who goes down and screams from the pain. Winner by Ko in round 1 Semmy Schilt.
After Semmy Schilt became 2005 and 2006 champion he wrote history by also becoming the champion of 2007, no fighter in the world has done this before. Semmy Schilt from Golden Glory showed an unbelievable act of power, will and stamina. Recently Semmy became 34 years old. Semmy told the world after his victory (the event was broadcasted in 130 countries) that he was becoming a father soon. More happy news for the King of Kings, good luck and congratulations!!
Story and photo’s by Bas Boon

Story Bas Boon Foto’s (c) Muay Thaimes, Endo, Sherdog www.goldenglory.com

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