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  • 2- May 2012 Dureka Lang Carrasquill Tranberg capital:: Boon is a polarizing figure. Outspoken, unorthodox and fiercely demanding when it comes to staging events, he is a suave entrepreneur with a business mind that switches between Wall Street and street hustler as the situation demands.

    Where the American mixed martial arts organisation Ultimate Fighting Championship has the foul-mouthed fight fan Dana White as its president, GLORY has his European counterpart – the colorful and confrontational Bas Boon, president of GLORY Sports, the sporting division of GLORY Sports International (“GSI”). And where White is counterbalanced by the urbane Lorenzo Fertitta, so too is Boon contrasted with Marcus Luer, the GSI managing director.

  • Bas Boon quote: God is not home…please leave your message after the beep and you’re wish and above all leave your money at a local church near you.
  • Renzo_Gracie_BJJ @RenzoGracieBJJ  •  16 jun. 2012
  • @basboon007 @cartoonlogos  Those who come from Basboon’s country have a sharp and fast sense of humor, they are the Brazilians of Europe
  • Dureka Carrasquillo ( Hedge Funds group )Quote: Bas Boon is a suave entrepreneur with a business mind that switches between Wall Street and street hustler
  • Simon Rutz: Bas Boon was my rival, you can laugh with him and sometimes made me very angry. Bas Boon is in my top three list of people who does not care about anything.
  • BasBoon: I am sorry I offended you with my knowledge, intellect and good looks.
  • Bas Boon: Describe me as immature and reckless that coming from a boring person like you sounds like a whole lot of
  • jealousy.Bas Boon NHB: We cleaned up the mess.
  • Bas Boon: Behind every successful man there is multiple woman.
  • Bas Boon: Only humans need power and attention because of this thing called ego.  Taming our egos is a worthy pursuit.
  • Bas Boon: My advice to God is to show the religious followers some tangible proof of heaven and his existence.
  • Bas Boon: If God did create everything, well thanks, if he did not, no hard feelings, I will just continue my life like I did before.
  • Bas Boon: I love to be a critical freethinker free of the burden of religion.
  • Bas Boon: Some reincarnation seems to be inevitable: Oprah would come back as a anorexic poor crack whore. Kim Kardasian would be returning as that ape with that huge red nightmare humongous ass.
  • Bas Boon: Hey God,I love how you made me so sexy, full of energy, gave me an Adonis body and made me so smart, you did a “hell” of a job with me.
  • Bas Boon: I heard that one of the bikers rules is to hang people who offend their beloved writer by hanging them by their penises upside down with 12 dozens pencils up their butt.
  • Bas Boon: That makes the church the biggest paying institute for sex in the world.
  • Bas Boon: The priest would do a confession, the church would pay the fine ( lawyers and victims got their portion of  “holy” MONEY) and the priests would find some new young boys/girls and then the circle would repeat itself.
  • Bas Boon: We know what is wrong and the only good solution for pedophilia behavior is castration
  • Bas Boon: Do not try to justify your believe based on a book or what others preach to you, you should believe. Its man-made nonsense to keep the people in a trance of hypnotic obedience state.
  • Bas Boon: All religions tell their truth, especially the Jewish people have a monopoly on the truth of their Torah.
  • Bas Boon: “funny” thing chemo therapy is known to kill ( 93% ), but its ok as it is 170 Billion dollars’ industry.
  • Bas Boon: If you think antibiotic treatments, chemo therapy, sleeping pills, diazepam, anti-depressive pills, oxycontin, ritalin,xanas, ( anti depressive side effects http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/10/03/antidepressant-side-effects.aspx ) high blood pressure pills and high paid doctors subscribing you these treatments sounds better then following my suggestions I mentioned, be my guest.
  • Bas Boon: Jihad John headlined so many media front pages even Oprah would be jealous.
  • Bas Boon: The victim doll comes with several removable heads. Jihad John extra merchandise, swords and knives and has a little voice recorder in his back, hollering –  Allah ooh Akbar.
  • Bas Boon: Buy my other records and remember my face. I might publish a book and live off your MONEYin great health, free of vaccinations in a beautiful exotic place.
  • Bas Boon: No, we brought guns, grenades and heavy firearms and we are stationed at places where there just happens to be a lot of oil export to china. It is expected that the Ebola virus will be hitting hard in those areas.
  • Bas Boon: The mother answered the boy saying your father is not gay he is heterosexual and they do not celebrate heterosexuality by showing off their genitals in public. The kid answered that’s kind of lame mom, can I be a homo later?
  • Bas Boon: Hello Ross. If you are a heterosexual and you have nothing against gays, do not watch that show, I repeat do not watch that show.
  • Bas Boon: This armpit thing is 10 cm from my face, In thought I saved myself filling up my nostrils but for the first time I smelled rotten sewer through my mouth.
  • Bas Boon: I wrote this on the couch naked with my bloated belly, producing a fart every 20 seconds, eating a garlic snack, but at least I do this in the privacy of my own home with a Girlfriend that has become immune to this ritual.
  • Bas Boon: Putin from Russia becomes a Buddhist monk in Thailand which he’s always have dreamed of doing. He keeps seeing Germans Angela Merkel for meditation sessions.
  • Bas Boon: I mean every “intelligent” human being around the world sometimes cuts of a baby head in the name of religion?
  • Bas Boon: I mean why bomb empty buildings when you have a huge row of trucks with terrorists waving flags, the trucks being photographed by a journalist in the only road to be found for over 250 miles in a flat dessert, damn   difficult for a spy satellite or drone or Isis enemies on the ground?
  • Bas Boon: Maybe a good idea is to ask Isis (if you can’t find them asked some journalist) to stay at their targets and not put it in the press when the bombing campaign starts, just an idea?
  • Bas Boon: White female. OJ’s wife a murder victim, black murderer, defended by Jewish lawyer, goes free because of a racist cop’s mistake. Can I have more popcorn and a coke please!
  • Bas Boon: Sheep Shopping is officially started and the hurdle of zombie sheep is entering the shopping zones to get sheared.
  •  Bas Boon: If you do not like my face do not watch my videos but listen to the wise voice of wisdom.
  • Bas Boon: Donatella Versace could survive jumping out of a plane from 10 miles high and land safely using “her” doctors made things called “lips” as a parachute.
  • Bas Boon: Kardashian the fat sheep herder and her fat ass following sheep. It’s a human tragedy.

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