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The UFC and The State Athletic Commission.

There are no rules and banned in 50 states, it’s the beginning of the UFC and the Semaphore Entertainment group with distributor Trimark have a special way off advertising the “human cock fights”.

The Ultimate Fighting Championships often in those days was compared to porn it was  a PPV product and advertised as the world’s most violent tournament. Bob Meyrowits the owner at the time and co-creator of the UFC tried within his means to get the UFC to be sanctioned in other states but for that he needed money and political connections.It did not work for Bob Meyrowits until he sold the UFC to The Fertittia’s brothers. Lorenzo Ferttita was a member of the State Atletic Commission (1996 till 2000) and he formed a team with his brother Frank and Dana White (Dana White suggested to the Fertitta’s to buy the UFC). One of the most important decisions and moves they made was to legalize the sport in more states. Lorenzo Ferttita just happened to be in the State Athletic Commission and later people would argue that Meyrowits was unfairly treated by the Fertitta’s as he never stood a change to get the sport legalized in other states because the Fertitta’s were not involved. People wrote it had to do with Meyrowits not wanting to change the rules and or use small gloves for protection of the hands. I am sure there might be some truth in some of the rumours, but what the Fertitta’s did was brilliant. It was pure politics and they knew it, so what did they do? They hired Mark Ratner (who became the executive director of the State Athletic Commission 1n 1992) to go work for the UFC on 15 May 2006 (he became vice president of the UFC Regulatory affairs). His job was to get the UFC approved to be organised in as many states as possible.

The doors opened when Las Vegas the home town of the Fertittas welcomed the UFC. Now they had to  find venues that would welcome the UFC and they were often demonised as a dangerous event with lots of fights outside of the Cage which was actually a blunt lie. The year 2001 was significant for the UFC as UFC 33 event was the first mixed martial arts event sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martian Arts, which was first established by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board in 2001. On November 17th 2000 the first UFC event was sanctioned by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission One of the people who welcomed the UFC in difficult times was now President Donald Trump, he even attended the first UFC in his Trump Taj Mahal.

Lately in the press we can see Dana White in the White House thanking Donald Trump for hosting the first UFC at the Trump Taj Mahal.

Semmy Schilt Ko victory in the UFC Trump Taj Mahal over Pete Williams, what an awesome trip, I won 75K in Trump’s casino and Schilt knocked out his opponent, thanks Dana White , thanks Donald Trump (UFC 31 May 4th 2011).

Mark Ratner did a lot of work to get the UFC sanctioned in as many as states as possible, but the most difficult one was of course the state New York. The ruling politicians simply did not want it because of their personal opinions and feelings and it took over 1 decade of work before the long-time professional MMA ban was revoked in early 2016. The result was the biggest UFC fight card in its history and a sold-out Madison Square garden created a gate revenue of $17.700.000 and a PPV butyrate of 1.3 million.

The Fight Game Business is BooNing

It’s not a typo, it should be Booming but sometimes my narcissism is overwhelming.

On the other side of the ocean there is Europe and after the downfall of K-1 and Pride FC in Japan I teamed up with The brilliant finance guy and fight enthusiast Pierre Andurand. Golden Glory and Glory World Series were household names in the Fight business and before the existence of Golden Glory we organised many events around the world ( I sold it to GSI) . My dreams were shattered because of Dutch politicians, after we organised the first two cage fights in Belgium and Holland in April 1996 the politicians put great pressure to the judges and therefore the local majors of cities in Holland denied permission to organised MMA events in a cage because it lacked decency (I do not make this up).

Doping in Pride FC and K-1, no problem!

K-1, Pride FC, the events we organised were not really under supervision of an independent organisation such as the athletic commission in the states. It was kind of wild west and there were no penalties or sanctions against the use of peds. You could argue that if everybody was using (some said 90% were on peds) then it was honest, in a weird way this is ironically true. Then you could argue the following, it would mean the person who would use the most illegal substances would win (fighters like Bob Sapp and Brock Lesnar should be almost undefeated). From experience I can say this is not true, I am convinced that the person with the strongest mindset would win . I can understand some fighters used cortisone and painkillers as they needed to be prepared for the next fight. They could not effort to cancel a fight because of injuries or illness, their profession was fighting and they need to make their living. In my previous blog I wrote about Mark Kerr and Kevin Randleman, clearly, they needed help (micromanagement), there are always people who go over the limit. Many legislation /rule makers and politicians have never practised sport for a living and the ones who did become kind of hypocritical.

K-1 and Pride FC proved for almost two decades that there were not severe injuries and never a scandal in the media or an athlete who complained about being treated unfair because of steroid use. The audience and fans expect top performance from the athletes, breaking records in the Olympics, higher, faster and faster. The fans want to see their favourite fighter for a minimum of 6 times per year which in many cases happened during the Pride FC and K-1 days. Tournaments, world titles, more difficult mountains for a whole week in the tour the France, a bigger mountain to climb, the media hypes the performances. Just imagine never a doping scandal anymore, no more testing except maybe for hard drugs like coke, all athletes should be guided by a licensed doctor. This way the doctor can advice the athlete about abuse and what it does to their liver, organs and future erection problems. I stated in a previous blog if you have Mike Tyson vs Holyfield in boxing or in MMA what would the people watch? If you have Mike Tyson vs Holyfield in a clean fight or on Steroids what would the people watch? Are we going to punish a fighter who has a better diet and uses better food intake? What about the athlete who takes more rest and practice breathing exercises in a Monastery and therefore get more lung capacity? Some athletes of different teams in the K-1 would use the same “doctor” and then they would joke to their opponents that they know how much substances they took and that they did more!

Should athletes not decide this for themselves? Are we going to convict people who eat to much, sugar or drink to much? If the athlete signs a waiver that he knows certain substances are not forbidden and that the promoter is not responsible for their preparations and the fighter or athlete would agree, wouldn’t that solve the doping problem? The danger is overuse and taking steroids in combination with other substances which can change an athlete, in this case any person into a ticking time bombs.

Tour of Doping

In the tour the France we think it is normal that cyclers would go through the Pyrenees and Alpes and climb mountains and win in a record time on a plate of spaghetti? At those times they joked about the cycling sport, the real “sport” was to avoid detection of the usage of forbidden substances. Marco Pantani from Italy won the tour the France at the Giro in Italy in 1998, only five years later in February 14 2004 Pantani dies. Pantani is only 34, the hero of Italy dies broke and alone from a Heart failure and overdose of cocaine (the usage of forbidden substances in 1998 is discovered in 2003). In this case it could be said that the scandal and actually getting caught cheating 5 years later drove Pantani over the edge. The headlines are “Pantani Dies Broken and Alone” (some similar path as Kevin Randleman in MMA).

Lance Armstrong won the tour the France seven times, the American cycler with the perfect story, fighting against cancer beating the decease to become a seven times Tour the France winner. When it became known he used forbidden substances they took away his titles.  Armstrong who suffered from testicular cancer must have regrown a pair of huge balls as he said the following: “I would probably cheat again under similar circumstances”

Cheating is done in any sports!

Ben Johnson (sprinter), Brock Lesnar (UFC) , Luiza Galiulina (gymnast), Marion Jones (American   Sprinter) , Nicklas Backstrom (Swedish hockey star) , Andreea Raducan (Romanian gymnast) (, Tyson Gay (sprinter), Ross Rebagliati (snowboarder), Johann Muhlegg (cross country skier). Then there is the list of American Football doping scandals, weightlifting, bodybuilding etc etc

Athletes from all over the world cheat and many get caught so why did only Russia get banned from the Olympics, well you guessed it: Politics.

I can agree that we have to protect these top athletes from hurting themselves and their loved ones, so therefore a commission which test for doping and doctors who check for injuries are necessary. If the athletes agree with the policies of fighting a clean fight, there is no excuse, period!

Pierre Andurand is a visionary with Glory and it became the first worldwide professional kickboxing league under supervision of an authentic Doping Authority.  It’s because of the Fertitta’s and people like Pierre Andurand the fight sport industry has been lifted to the next level and is not only excepted but loved by the main stream media and pop culture.

Glory Kickboxing: 1.2.16. Stimulants and doping

The use of stimulants before or during matches is forbidden. Fighters are, if desired, obliged to take part in a doping test. Stimulants and doping include, among other things, cerebral stimulants, amphetamines and anabolic steroids.

“Political response” to doping accusations: Team Golden Glory Steroid Allegations and a “Diplomatic” yet

Hysterical answer from manager Bas Boon

After breaking the story to English speaking fans, Zabit Samedov claimed that Dutch fighters ‘all used steroids’, directly calling out Golden Glory by name.  Head Kick Legend went to Golden Glory’s Bas Boon for comment on this subject.  Bas is never one to give a simple “no comment” or a yes or no.  Bas always has something to say, and it seems this one took him a bit off-guard.

The first topic he takes on is Errol “Bone crusher” Zimmerman.  Zimmerman has never been the most cut and shredded of fighters, but has also never been the smallest, either.  Boon points out that Zimmerman has been a heavyweight fighter since he was the age of 16, and his weight has been between 104 and 109kg during the last four years, training harder than ever before.  “Errol trained harder than (he ever has before) normal for this last final 8 spot, which resulted not in any weight gain but a loss in fat,” states Boon.

Ruslan Karaev is a newer member of Golden Glory, and apparently how Samedov claims to knows some of the inner workings of the gym, including their outlandish, in-your-face steroid usage that Samedov alleges.  “Why would he call Samedov and tell this outsider Samedov that Zimmerman shoots steroids in front of his teammates.  This must be the most ridiculous remark I ever heard,” Boon states.  “Maybe Karaev came to Holland to infiltrate the Golden Glory Camp and then brief Zamedov with the secret medicine Golden Glory uses?  Did Zamedov get hired by the Athletic Commission who tested Zamedov positive himself?”


Boon points out that fighters Gokhan Saki, Ruslan Karaev and Chalid Arrab all fight under 98kg and have seen successful against heavier fighters, Samedov is just, “pissed he got caught doping in Vegas and losing the qualification match against Zimmerman in the Arena.”  That fight was in 2008 in Amsterdam for those keeping count, in the famous Arena that Its Showtime runs every year.  Boon also points out that Badr Hari, another of the accused, knocked Samedov out with a well-placed punch to the stomach in Korea in September, pointing that Samedov is being bitter for his misfortunes.

“I guess it must be frustrating being Samedov’s height and weight; to make accusations in the press like he does, we feel sorry for him,” is how Boon looks upon the situation.

His response to Golden Glory’s crown jewel, “Hightower” Semmy Schilt’s association with Golden Glory is another story.  “Oh, by the way Samedov, Semmy fell in this huge kettle of special made druid super energy drink (astrix and oblix) when he was very young and we have many guys around the world trying to infiltrate the Golden Glory camp to find out the secret ingredients of this super drink.”

Boon’s reply ends with a slight jab at the Belarusian fighter; “We wish Zamedov to grow in length and natural weight gain about 10kg, for sure he would be sportsman number 1 and would become 5x in a row K-1GP champion!”

Clearly this is Golden Glory’s denial of any sort of gym-wide doping activities, with a few quite specific examples on Boon’s part.  Of course, many fans will make note that Boon does not mention the “Dutch Cyclone” Alistair Overeem in any way, shape or form, but Boon has addressed Overeem’s “great growth” with us before ( ).

Answer from a fan: JonnieSunshine (664 posts) Posted: 2009-12-29 at: 08:23

Sarcasm is often used when you’re hiding something.

I’m not saying that Samedov knows everything.

But Boon didn’t really admit or deny anything.

He would be a good politician.


Quote’s from Bas Boon “the number one “steroid” is your thoughts”

Don’t expect anything from nobody, make it happen yourself.

There are no coincidences in Politics, everything is planned that way.

In a fight you can get knocked out and it’s over,

Politics are like Super Mario Bros, you always will have a spare life.

© Bas Boon




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