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Tattoo King, Joey”Rembrandt”Boon a Multi Million Dollar Serial Entrepreneur at age 19.

The investor who will invest into this modern day “Rembrandt” is in for an awesome ride!

As Joey Boon’s uncle I feel compelled to tell the world his success story. I have traveled the world and witnessed many success stories in the fight business and other various industries. Young fighters who became stars in foreign countries and gained popularity in our own country The Netherlands. Rising to fame and success financially and ultimately as a manager I was proud of Semmy Schilt for becoming the K-1 Champ four times and 1 x Glory Champ in Tokyo Japan. He was honored with an invitation to the Royal home by the King of Holland Willem Alexander.  I got Semmy a role in the movie transporter 3 with Jason Statham and currently we are working on the fight brand Fight Game Academy.

My nephew Joey Boon was the first grandchild of my father Prof. Dr. Engineer Kasper Lodewijk Boon and my mother Elisabeth Agatha Maria Rijper Boon. My brother who is two years younger than me became a father before me and the first grandchild to my parents was named Joey Boon later a daughter would follow for my brother called Sidney Boon. I was catching up becoming a father with the birth of my daughter Samantha Boon two years after Joey was born.

The Father of Joey Boon, Joris Boon (my brother) with Bas Rutten 

We all lived in a small town called Geldrop near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. My brother and I started with fighting sports at age 15 and 16 and I started a sport gear shop called Nikko Sports at 17 and later I founded the legendary kickboxing and MMA team Golden Glory a world-famous fighting team. Certainly my daughter as well as Joey witnessed my activity as well as Joey’s fathers activities in the martial arts sports. Joey’s father Joris Boon still has a comical YouTube video up with Bas Rutten with over 1.9 million hits.

My daughter Samantha Boon with Joey Boon

Joey Boon “The Head”

Joey Boon was a cool kid when he was a baby, I gave him a nickname and called him “the Head” (the family eventually asked me to stop calling him that). He had a big head and he was a big baby when he grew a little older he was stronger and taller than most kids. He hung out with my daughter and I have some pretty good memories during their childhood. Most Sundays we would come together at my parents’ house and in the summer time I would throw Joey by his head in the family pool. Joey’s performance at school was average like my own daughter, but that was still far better than me and my brother who both left school at 15 with no school diplomas. Later some teachers asked Joey, is Joris Boon your father he would answer then proudly yes, not knowing that 90% of the teachers had problems with his dad at school.

Joey Boon with his father Joris Boon in a Pachinko Machine Hall in Tokyo Japan.

Joey traveled in his childhood mostly to Spain and also to other countries like France, England and New York, bless our grandfather who gave us all an early travel bug and he had the financial means to make this possible. Joey and my daughter Samantha loved to travel and fortunately they became use to traveling in their childhood.

Society negatively labels anybody who acts or behaves differently.

When Joey was five years old we started to notice he would sometimes have sudden movements like contractions in his muscles. First it looked like small spasm attacks, but we didn’t make much of it and many friends and family members never even noticed it. But kids grow older and after a few visits to several doctors they started labeling Joey with some disease names. Joris my brother came to visit me several times and told me the doctors were giving Joey Ritalin to control his muscles / labeled disease. I disliked that a lot and so did my brother and his wife. I did not like the labeling and doctors’ advice and especially subscribing children this type of heavy “medicine”.  To children

Joey started boxing at young age and it was no surprise he soon became an amateur champion in the heavyweight division in the Netherlands (he grew to be a big kid for his age) in Holland. He had talent and above all could take a punch, nobody knew he was fighting another battle and that he still was taking his daily medication.

Joey Boon became Dutch Heavyweight Champion in Boxing (amateurs) he was 15 years old.

Problems and Solutions

When Joey went to the higher school and did not have his long-time school friends he grew up with in Geldrop, things went wrong. He came home early and the new school informed his father that he was behaving strangely and should see a doctor. Joey said he never wanted to go back to that school and never really spoke about what happened. My brother came to me he said he is 15 and according to the law he should go to school, I advised to not allow Joey go to school and keep him home for a while. I offered to take him to Golden Glory trainings during the week in Breda where he could train with champions. We also both agreed it was hypocrite to force the kid to go to school as we both left school when we were 15, who were we to judge? Not only that, Joey really had an excuse now because of the doctor labeling him and a drug prescription of Ritalin came in handy, a perfect excuse to allow Joey not to go to school.

Joey Boon with uncle Bas Boon after traing at Team Golden Glory in Breda Holland

Fight sport a recipe for healing.

Joey spent a lot of his time in his attic room playing computer games and watching movies, but he really was looking forward to his trip with me to Breda especially on Wednesday. This was a special training day and from the beginning to the end of the session we had intense sparring (we called it Wednesday meat day at Golden Glory in Breda), Joey was the youngest participant and with bleeding noses and bruised up legs he was accepted in the group. He trained with Gokhan Saki, Ramon Dekkers and Errol Zimmerman and his symptoms seem to become less, in the beginning nobody at the gym knew he was just Joey Boon the nephew of manager Bas Boon (see group photo Golden Glory Breda). The fight sport gave Joey confidence, he forgot about his “problem’s and he started taking less medicine.

Joris Boon, Bas Boon and Joey Boon infront of the Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Japan the magic medicine.

I decided to invite my nephew and my brother to go see the K-1 GP World GP finals in Tokyo Japan. Joey loved Japan, he loved Japanese animation and manga art also the pachinko and gaming places, the lights, the Japanese people. It was a very cool experience for him. He was in his element and surrounded with fighters who were treated like super stars in Japan. Fighters like ,Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, Gokhan Saki, Errol Zimmerman, Ramon Dekkers, fighters he knew well complimented Joey on becoming an amateur boxing champion of Holland and praise Joey after seeing his fight on you tube.

Ramon Dekkers with Joey Boon

Joey and my brother stayed in the same hotel as the fighters and had backstage passes for the fights. It was an experience of a life time and now Joey really became a huge fan of the Japanese culture. I invited him again the next year, my brother could not travel to Tokyo Japan because of his work so Joey traveled alone as I was already in Japan. When Joey arrived at the airport team Semmy Schilt was there already and Dave Jonkers immediately recognized Joey and they all took him under their wing so he traveled with them and became a member of the team. It was during this trip to Tokyo Joey became more intensely fascinated with the Japanese Manga drawings / cartoons and it was the start of something amazing.

Joey at age 16 in Tokyo Japan ringside at the K-1 GP months before I named him Joey “Rembrandt” Boon

I was busy with a clothing line named Fight Game and by accident I saw a drawing in the possession of Joey. I told Joey that would be great for a T-shirt and asked him where he got it from, Joey answered he drew it himself after seeing the picture in a Japanese magazine. I was baffled, I told him this is amazing you should do something with that, you are an extremely talented artist. During that trip I called him Rembrandt and I could not stop talking and bragging about my nephew’s artistic talent.

Joey Boon (age 15) in Tokyo Japan and looking at Gokhan Saki preparing with with Ramon Dekkers and Errol Zimmerman with Cor Hemmers.

Treasure Ink Tattoo artist Joey Boon the youngest tattoo shop owner in history.

I got my first tattoo at 18 and my brother was even younger, Joey had his first tattoo when he was 14 a huge Viking on his calve muscle. After the trip to Japan Joey started drawing on a daily base and later practiced tattooing on pig skin. Joey visited me in Thailand as well with his father and was inspired by hearing tattoo machines on the beach. Soon his dad became the Guiney pig and Joey found his passion in life, he wanted to be a professional tattoo artist. Now what’s coming next is a typical example of why we should never listen to others when it comes to the capacity of human capability to do something they love with great success. Joey was labeled by doctors as different and was taking Ritalin for years now, surly being a tattoo artist you have to have steady hands. Joey started from his attic and later from his barn. Joey’s tattoos were drawing attention in no time especially his portraits were incredible. With this success he was on a positive role and found a girlfriend whom he married and became a father to a healthy boy called Bruce Boon, daughter Raven Boon and Harley Boon followed.

Joey started to make a more then good income and bought a nice house and made his backyard barn a tattoo studio, so he could work from home. He was in Business! Joey always being good with computers and social media made a Facebook page which now has over 200.000 followers and likes. His business was doing well and so the idea was born to rent a space and open a tattoo shop in the town Geldrop. The young “Rembrandt” Tattoo Joey was not only talented in making tattoos but his ambitions were growing he aspired to do more with business. He has been developing a special Healing Cream for Tattoo Artist and people with skin problems, the cream will soon be on the market. I am trying to convince him to start a clothing line, some of these Tattoo’s are so creative and awesome, it’s screams for a clothing line.

Joey is working on several YouTube channels; his short videos have hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook. Joey has a good feeling for social media as well, and his network is growing rapidly!

Treasure Ink , Tattoo Joey and InkGlorious Basterds a tattoo factory with worldwide fame.

The Tattoo shop needed to be something special so Joey came up with the pirate theme, the shop would be decorated as half of a pirate ship with several booths decorated with ship robes for tattoo artist employees to work. Surely Joey became so busy that he hired his first employee at age of 19, two pirate booths in his shop became 3 then 4 then 6 and in less than 2 years later there are sometimes 10 people running around serving customers coming from all over Europe even overseas Canada and recently an American actor who has been tattooed by joey. He is booked 24 months in advance and employed his own mother to help in the shop and his grandfather Kasper Boon helped Joey find a bookkeeper. I helped him to trademark his brand “Treasure Ink tattoo joey” and with his creativity and passion this brand will soon be the biggest brand in the tattoo art industry and cult clothing around the world. If you ask Joey now about his time at the doctors and them labeling him: he answers they were wrong. He does not take Ritalin or any other medicine anymore and is full of drive, ambition and positive energy, he must have the steadiest hands in the tattoo business making portraits that are difficult to tell if they are a photo or 3d drawing.

Treasure Ink Tattoo Joey has won numerous first place tattoo prizes at tattoo conventions and it does not stop there. Currently Joey Boon has 10 employees so Joey decided to change the name of his tattoo shop, to praise all talent who work at this Tattoo palace “Inkglorious Basterds” was found, a great name for a tattoo shop and inspiring for all the employees. On September 1 st 2018 in Geldrop Holland many famous artists can be found at the new opening of Joe’s Tattoo Enterprise such as Danny Froger, Thomas Berge and Dré Hazes from Holland.

The taste of success has made the young entrepreneur Joey Boon into a businessman and an artist at the same time making his hobby and love for drawing his life’s work.

Joey we are all so very proud of you!

Quote: The labeling of people is a trick of the pharmaceutical industry to make money, believe in yourself.

When you think freely, you succeeded in life.

Bas Boon

The Master at work: check below some of the incredible work of Joey “Rembrandt” Boon and his employees:



Rembrandt Move Over..

(C) Bas Boon for more infor look for Tattoo Joey on Facebook

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