Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine…

My friend called me from the beautiful Caribbean Island, Aruba. He was in a state of panic, he went to the island with his new finance from Estonia to celebrate their happiness. It took exactly 8 days and my friend called me crying on the phone, his finance walked away and took the engagement ring and money from his hotel safe and left him. My friend started gambling again which he had not done in a long time and the 25K cash for romantic boat rides, dinners and shopping for their romantic trip vanished on the roulette tables and gambling machines quickly. My friend had it under control, he stopped with his gambling addiction three years before after he almost bankrupt his own company. He borrowed money from his family, but his urge to think he was going to be an easy winner was too high, so the borrowed money coming from family savings all ended up in the casino in less than two hours.

I myself used to have a gambling addiction when I was young and it actually made me steal from my parents and even friends. I recognized a pattern in my behavior, my gambling did not come for the urge of becoming rich. My gambling addiction did not come from thinking I had thought about a system to beat the casino bosses. My gambling problem came out of frustration and anger and because of the thrill it would give me for a short period. Like a heroin junky getting his fix, to then only sink into a deeper hole and to reach the next kick, the doses should be higher, the stakes should be higher, to reach that feeling of euphoria. But my love for money and life was greater than my addictions, as always, I started my own small experiments and this made me quickly realize there are better ways to get your kicks, with much better results.

I learned about Casino’s when I was 17 years old at one point I worked part time as a bouncer at an illegal casino in the town of Enschede where I lived. I loved the atmosphere and the fast money and even faster ladies who came with the game. Although I was young,  I could clearly see the patterns and I had a very good memory, this is what triggered my experiment. First of all. Let’s take a look at the negative side. Oh, sorry there are only negative sides.

You lose money all the time except maybe for some times when you hit a jackpot on a machine or had a lucky streak on your favorite roulette table. The gambling occupation often became a sickness and lead to literally falling ill. Insomnia, isolation, no friends, not being welcome at your own families events, divorce, bankruptcy, corruption and also gambling addictive people in high political positions can being controlled  by organized crime bosses. As I witnessed how the casino bosses were conducting their business and how they lived, I soon realized that they were the only ones making money. My experiment started with only actively gambling when I would enter a casino for 30 min and another 30 min when I left. I would take a certain amount of money like 3000 dollars which I could afford to loose.

 (some mad rule I made myself because who wants and can afford to lose money anyway?)

(Picture, Bas Boon at Sonja Barend who had a popular TV Program in The Netherlands, listening and learning)

I realized I was on to something, the term beginners luck had some truth to it! Positive energy and wording has power. When you enter a casino you are excited about the atmosphere, the feeling of winning big, the glamorous atmosphere, everything is intoxicating, the décor, the sounds, smell, the free food, the sound of gambling machines and huge loud music when the next jackpot winner is announced and can be heard in every corner of the casino. This energy lead to a better percentage of winning for myself in the first half hour, so now I started to realize if I had the surge the dopamine level in my brain I had to form some kind of self-control. No smoking no drinking only taking an amount of 3k which I could afford to loose (still a wrong way of thinking but I was learning) and only gambling 30min when I entered a casino and 30 min when I would leave. Regardless of the exotic location, no excuses.  Las Vegas, Caribbean etc.. I began to apply the rule. If I was in Vegas for one month I’d still only gamble half an hour when I arrive and half an hour when I’d  leave and the maximum I would lose would be 3000 dollars.

The reason why casino’s do not really have a good indication of where the exit doors are and promise you free meals and above all offer good customers, the ones who gamble 24 hours non stop and offer free alcoholic beverages and a point membership card offered by the casino’s, based on the knowledge and experience of the casino bosses. The longer you stay the more you get sucked dry by the casino vampire. You simply can’t win the whole time, you cannot be lucky for hours on end. My experiment took a lucky curve when I was banned from entering the Holland casino’s, so I could not enter any official casino in the Netherlands anymore. Suddenly I only could gamble if I was traveling to a country which had casino’s, the result was that I was actually making money at the end of each month, without having to steal or borrow money from others. I slept every night early and on top of that I started to train everyday with weights and followed kickboxing lessons. My mind became less and less interested in the gambling call, the urge to gamble became less to zero and before I knew it I could see how ill and pathetic the people behaved during my days spending in casino’s, I could see them throwing their lives away. Destroying themselves and others, committing crimes ending up in jail, hurting their loved ones, destroying families, causing divorce or worse committing murder, fraud or suicide. I did not know any exception to the rule of the people I knew from the gambling scene and it made me go even a step further, I stopped completely.

I ended up living in Thailand for the last 10 years and casinos are forbidden here, I am having breakfast several times a week with a 80 year old famous Dutch guy from Holland. He made his money smuggling hash and marijuana and he used to be one of the richest guys in the Netherlands. He had a serious gambling addiction and pissed a way over 200 million in his glory days. He told me that moving to Thailand saved his life and he was smart enough to make some good investments which he can live from for the rest of his life. He was a good boxer and looks unbelievable fit for his age, training every day, it is a privilege to hear his life stories. He told me Bas I wish I would have met you when I was young when I was making so much money and would have not blown it in casino’s. I would have invested in you to build up the number 1 fight organization in the world. We would have had the biggest fight company in the world by now, we both knew that was true, our training and desire to live  a healthy and  prosperous life triumphed over the gambling stupidities.

Trust yourself and take responsibility.

The same rule can be applied for relationship problems and above all food and drugs addictions.

There are no advantages to smoking, bad breath, bad for your lungs, stinks, bad for your blood and it costs a lot of money. Alcohol and drugs will cause the same symptoms (sickness, costs a lot of money and destroys health and relationships and families) it’s a human escape from all day responsibilities an escape from real life. The first thing you would say if you go to an AA meeting : Hello I am Scott and I am an alcoholic, the same would be applied for gamblers or people with a drug addiction. You have to admit that you actually have a problem which is the hardest thing to do for a human. We would like to blame others instead of taking responsibility, there is always an excuse for the weak minded.

First of all for all those addictions and bad human habits there are some Golden Rules to win back self-control. To get control over your health is using your brain, to do this you have to master your health and your mind. Unfortunately, the majority of the human race have become medicine eating zombies who think a pill from the doctor will solve their illnesses and problems. Successful people do understand they have to take measurements into their own hands, who can you better trust then yourself? Stop lying to yourself and regain self-control, be strong and start with your health improvements..

Money, work addiction, I have a friend now I have for 30 years and he lives in Brighton England. He has been successful in real-estate and selling cars. But his personal life is a mess, he told me on many holidays he wanted to write a book “the lonely soul”. He married and divorced, he had a weight problem for years and every year he tells me, I have to finish one more project than I retire and have 30K per month. We are now ten years further since I moved to Thailand. I lived the life I wanted and found peace and a good mental and physical health. My friend is 6 years older them me and 56 and still sings the same story. The learning point from this story is that in ten years nothing changed, those years he could have focused on becoming healthy again, happy again. Instead nothing happened, divorce, misery, fighting against more and more weight gain and depression!

Refuse to be a slave

The next big important step is exercise, walking, swimming, running, fitness any kind of sports.

Exercise,  the most undervalued antidepressant.

Have a 30 minute walk in the morning, mandatory, In nature preferably, Nature is powerfully healing and do it by yourself.  Clear your mind, breath in and out.

Deliberately plant positive thoughts in your mind,  practice affirmations aloud. Mediate, have a personal development routine and practice.  Re train the mind. You are rewiring the nuerolgical pathways in your mind.

Surround yourslef with like –  minded people. People that inspire! Get rid of negative friends and a negative environment, do not be afraid to move to a new location and create a whole new set of friends. Choose your friends and relationships wisely.

Find out what food allergies you have and stop eating them, make fresh vegetable juices and get rid of parasites in your body. Do a cleanse.

Eat organic healthy foods, super foods, Herbs and tonics, choose your food consumption wisely because you want to feel great. Eating well is a good form of self care and self love.

Heal yourself, read personal growth books and get to the root cause of any lingering unresolved issues, anger and reoccuring patterns. Remember to be kind to yourself along the journey.

Do not consume fast food and energy or other sugary drinks, too much sugar will have the same effect as drugs it will eat your body and mind from the inside, it produces cortisol which you do not want.

Avoid anti-depressive pills, sleeping pills eating the wrong food and other substances which takes over your healthy brain and way of healthy logical thinking they make you into a zombie.

Set goals, in sports, work, business, creativity work hard to achieve your goals and when you do achieve your goals and you will set a new goals, keep your mind occupied.

All the above will help you beat the slavery system of screwed up relationship problems, drug abuse, gambling addictions, religious madness and sickness. People who are healthy and are in control over their own mind and health make good decisions. People who are in control they thrive, have cool girlfriends, wife’s ,smart children attending good schools, know how to deal with problems and setbacks, enjoy your life’s to the fullest and the best way to remember this advice: think of me when you brush your teeth!

(C) Bas Boon

(R.I.P Lemmy)


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