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News of 3 June 2008



Golden Glory Thriller May 31st 2008 Zutphen Holland Beast of the East Event

The Universe has a strange way of always providing what one needs. “They say there are no coincidences”

Promoter Johanes Hoffman succeeded in some excellent match making working together with Golden Glory. Bas Boon made it possible that the event for the first time could be seen on SBS6 internet live and broadcasting on Dutch TV, Romanian TV, Turkish TV and Eurosport.

The night of the event, you get a phone call that Tyrone Spong had a motor cycle accident and can not fight and that other headliner Chabari become so sick the night before, that he was not able to fight. Not your ideal situation with millions of viewers waiting for those particular fights to happen as well as the fans coming to the event.

But the universe had other plans. The fans present at the event and the fans who watched the event live on the internet and TV witnessed a spectacular event with great fights and a huge upset when replacement fighter Wiliam Diender knocked out Drago, Drago who is scheduled to fight against Masato in the K-1 Max July 7th in Tokyo Japan. This was unexpected but none the less exciting!

Denis Stojnic Golden Glory BHG vs Hakim Gouran

Hakim Gouran (Worldchampion Brazilian JJ) fought a great fight against Gilbert Yvel (Amsterdam Arena show 2007) and showed great skills in that fight, standing and on the ground.
Denis Stojnic has a fight record now of 13 fights with one decision loss and 12 wins with 11 ko’s. his last fight he won in Serbia 12 January 2008 by way of KO in round 1.
Dennis is known for his quick starts and aggressive fighting style, in his corner we could see Cor Hemmers and Alistair Overeem (Dennis and Alistair trained together a lot for this fight).
Dennis surprised his corner and maybe himself by listening to his corner and what he needed to do, keep the fight standing, sprawl, GNP and wait for the right moment, maybe not the most spectacular fight of the night, but Denis did what he had to do! He won the fight!
Winner by decision Denis Stojnic

Nieky Holzken Golden Glory vs Jose Reis Portugal

Jose Reis is a well know fighter and champion with a great list of victories behind his name, not a can like many predicted, this guy came to win.
Holzken just came from a beautiful win by knocking out Joerie Mess with a turning back kick to the head at the 13th of April event in the Amsterdam Arena.
Holzken starts the first round very carefully, Nieky looks very concentrated and scores with some nice combinations. The second round we can see Nieky put more pressure and scoring some hard right punches and uppercuts. Nieky tries his famous back kick again but opponent Jose Reis avoids getting knocked out by turning to the other site just in time. A good second round for Nieky Holzken. In the third round Nieky puts more pressure and scores with hard lowkicks and front kicks followed up with great boxing combination. Its great to see Nieky at work.
Winner by decision: 3-0 Nieky Holzken.

Nieky Holzken is scheduled to fight Wiliam Diender at Glory 8 event July 6 in Nijmegen Holland.

Alviar Lima vs Yucel Fidan

Lima has problems making the 70kg wait and was surprised by Warren Stevelmans last time they fought at the K-1 Max in Utrecht Holland Event at the beginning of this year. He lost that by decision and his place by the last 16 went to Warren
Fidan started to train with Nieky Holzken at the Golden Glory gym in Helmond Holland in the preparation for this fight. It showed Fidan came prepared, as the first thriller of the night became reality because of Fidan knocking Lima down twice in the first round, put everybody at the edge of their seats, Lima is saved by the bell!
In round two, Lima opens with a nice combination ending with a perfect liver shot, which make Fidan go down and Fidan receives an 8 count. Fidan has some troubles finding his breath again, but has problems to get back into the fight with Lima, who uses the clinch and knees very well. Finally Fidan comes back but then gets caught by a knee to the face which opens a huge gash in the forehead of the Turkish fighter. Great fight with no losers. Lima made a great come back and wins the fight but what a great fight!
Winner Alviar Lima (Worldtitle)

Gago Drago (Armenia) vs William Diender

Martijn, Ron and Bas took a huge risk as William was scheduled to fight against Nieky Holzken on July 6th in Nijmegen Holland at Glory 9 Event.
As Chahbari became very sick and promoter Johanes found the replacement fighert in William Diender. The management of Golden Glory excepted that William could fight against Drago with great risk, as this was one of the main event cards for the Nijmegen event at Glory nbr 9 for July 6th 2008 show.
If William would win, it would be the best promotion ever: as on this fight night of Beast of the East Nieky just beat the strong Jose Reis from Portugal. If Diender would loose by ko, he could not fight and you have to find a new opponent and explain this to the fans.

The universe had different plans for Drago, who danced his way to the ring with the great show he always makes when entering a fighting event.
Diender was called 8 hours before the event, he had nothing to loose, but was preparing already for Holzken for their clash on July 6th in Nijmegen Holland at the Glory 8th Show and looked fit.

The first round we can see William scoring with nice combinations and low kicks. Drago comes forwards as always and tries to put pressure on William.
Great opening round for these two fighters.
In round two we can see Drago coming forward delivering some great shots, but it is Diender who lands a low kick on the back leg of Drago, its difficult to see if Drago slips, or is actually hurt by the low kick, but he is going down and receives and eight count.
Then William smells blood and starts with a flurry of punches, giving Drago plenty of problems another 8 count is coming. It looks like Drago can not stand on his leg anymore and goes down, in the fall William throws two more hooks and Drago gets ko’d ! The upset of the night is complete. The scale of the upset becomes a lot bigge,r as we know Drago was scheduled to fight against Masato at the K-1 max GP on July 7th in Tokyo Japan (main page It will be hard according the international rules to have Drago fight there because he got knocked out. For the Glory 8th event July 6th Show a better scenario then this would not be possible. Both fighters won great fights this night in Zutphen and now they will fight eachother on July 6th. This would be script for a movie. Ooooh, the anticipation!
Winner by KO in round 2 William Diender

Marloes Coenen Golden Glory vs Kabrae Asce France

Marloes Coenen once was called by many the female Rickson Gracie. The difference is that Marloes actually fights a lot. Marloes won the $100.000 dollar remix female tournament where she applies a flying arm bar against her opponent who weight was 35 kg more then her.

The French Kempo champion stood no chance as within seconds Marloes had her in the full mount position and GNP her opponent, to finish her of with a text book arm bar as Fedor did with Hong Men Choi. If Gina Carano is really that great, she should try Marloes from Golden Glory. Marloes is ready!!!

Winner by armbar Marloes Coenen Golden Glory

Aziz Jajah golden Glory vs Lukas Jarosz Poland

Aziz must be the most underrated fighter of Holland, winning an eight men tournament in Thailand and winning the $100.000 dollar tournament in Paris France. He is still not yet known in Holland or other parts of the world.
But the fighters training at Golden Glory dojo in Breda Holland know Aziz, they feel the brutal impact of his punches on a daily basis.
Aziz is the type of fighter a promoter calls. if they need a replacement fighter. Like last time when he won his fight against Breggy last year in Tilburg 2007. With only a few losses and his impressive record this talented young men is dangerous for everybody in the heavyweight division, with a great aggressive fighting style and knock out in hands , feet and knees Aziz is the latest new big surprise heavyweight fighter out of the stable of Golden Glory

Jarosz from Poland is also not unknown, he has great physics and won 17 of his fights by way of low kick Ko. Aziz starts the round with a strong punching combination after he is attacked by a low kick from the Polish fighter. Aziz puts up the pressure and scores a great knock down with a huge overhand right punch. Then the fighter from Poland shows some kind of rolling “thunder” ( Peter Graham favourite technique) but Aziz steps cool aside, waits till Jaroz stands again, to then score another hard knock down. It looks like the Polish fighter is totally frustrated and really goes for the kill now with a vicious attack, actually hitting Aziz twice with a combo punch combination, but then a huge right bomb by Aziz hits the face of Jaroz who walks/runs right in to this terrible punch.
Winner by KO in round one Aziz Jahah from Golden Glory

Gokhan Saki Golden Glory vs Iwan Dhaene Hungary

Gokhan Saki comes now from a 14 fight winning streak, knocking out Paul Slowinsky at the 13 of April show in the Arena. Saki and Nieky were pissed as they read and viewed pictures in the Japanese magazine Gong, where only fighters of Showtime were featured from that fight night on April 13th, Drago, Sem Braam among others being in the magazine, but the two big upsets and best ko’s of the night came from Saki knocking out Paul Slowinsky and Nieky Holzken knocking out Joerie Mess with a spinning back kick to the head were not printed? This is strange as all photo’s were provided and they had the best fights of the night. Is this done on purpose by FEG or Simon Rutz, mistake from the magazine? We do not know, but it is very strange that if you have very marketable fighters doing very well, being attractive and young performing well, with great fighting skills to receive this kind of treatment? That is no recognition at all and very unprofessional.
Gokhan Saki and Nieky Holzken are doing very well in Holland and Turkey, Nieky is becoming really famous by TV broadcaster SBS6 and has a great following. Saki is breaking all TV records in Turkey as Fox TV is broadcasting Saki’s fights in Turkey. In Europe they are very well known and get plenty of fights.

Saki was matched up with the strong Iwan, Saki hurt his hands and had fracture after he Knocked Out Paul Slowinsky and could only train with his right hand.
Trainer Cor Hemmers did a great job by getting Saki in shape despite the handicap.
Saki had a great entrance and the whole audience went wild, dancing his way to the ring with full self confidence the atmosphere was electric.
People got the chills this was great what a great fighter these young men already became at such a young age.

The fight starts and Iwan is storming forward delivering Saki a very hard low kick, which is blocked by Saki. Again the fighter from Hungary comes forward and tries to land another big low kick, which is again blocked. Now Saki counters with a nice Box combo and delivering hard low kicks himself. Then Saki lands a nice high kick which makes the fighter from Hungary wobbling, slowly he goes down and in the fall Saki scores with another blitz attack, by delivering a back kick full in the face of Iwan who gets ko’d!
Winner by Ko Gokhan “the Rebel”Saki Golden Glory

At the commentary booth from Turkish television Remy Bonjasky was a guest and was asked if he would fight Saki and the final elimination or in a super fight. Turkisch TV ask to Saki if he would fight Remy or any other K-1 heavyweight fighters and Saki’s answer was very simple, I fight anybody!

Great match up would be Aziz vs Glaube Feitosa and Saki vs the Brazilian Erwerton Teixeira or Saki vs Mushashi or Remy and Aziz vs Bonsjaky. Plenty of combination for making a great matchmaking!

The next event Glory 8 at July 6th in Nijmegen Holland will also be live on the internet for free with some great matchups and lots of MMA fights as well.
As Golden Glory works together now with Johanes Hofman they found the golden formula for promoting very good high quality events with the back up of some great sponsors and TV station this could become very big over the next years! Mark this date on your calendar July 6th 2008 Glory number 8, will be broadcasted live through which can be seen in every country as well televised by some major TV stations! For info and tickets and broadcast times and dates go to


  1. MMA – Michael Knaap Team Schilt – Robert Jocz Team Beast of the East WOP
  2. MMA – Dennis Stojnic Golden Glory WOP – Hakim Gouran Black Label
  3. 5×3(worldtitel) – Soumia Gym International WOP – Marianna Zueva Top Team
  4. 3×3 – Nieky Holzken Golden Glory WOP – Jose Reiz Cacem
  5. 3×3 – Ollie Koch Germany WOP – Valintin Sympuru Romania
  6. 5×3(worlddtitel) – Alviar Lima Beast of the East / Super Pro WRSC – Yucel Fidan Siam Gym
  7. 5×3 William Diender Team Aerts WTKO – Gago Drago Gym Alkmaar/BLF
  8. MMA – Greorg Tredowski Team Beast of the East WOP – Florin Vintilla Top Team
  9. 3×3 – Barnabas Romania WMEDI – Calutiu Romania
  10. MMA – Vitor Vianna Team Beast of the East WRSC – Gatta Tjaad
  11. MMA – Ahmed Bayrak Golden Glory – Roy Pariente Israel WOPG
  12. N – Mathieu ten Dam Team Beast of the East WTKO – Robert Schuurman Azer Gym
  13. MMA – Marloes Coenen Golden Glory WTKO – Kaprae Ascei France
  14. MMA – Vincent Latoel Golden Glory – Mickey Reiter Gym Alkmaar WOPG
  15. 3×3 – Aziz JahJah Golden Glory WTKO – Lucasz Jarosz Team Beast of the East
  16. MMA – Hans Stinger WOPG Team Beast of the East/Super Pro – Ricardo van Kooten Dion Starring
  17. 3×3 – Gokhan Saki Golden Glory WTKO – Iwan Dhaene Hungary

Story by Bas Boon / Lindsay Muro
Photo’s © Ben Pontier / Leo van Kuilenburg

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