Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Funny Kato Boon though lesson fails while as there is an epic piglet survival alert. Bas Boon and Mama Rak work 13 hours non-stop to save the life of 14 piglets.

There is a curfew again in Thailand, and the Children are not going to school because of the pandemic.

Everybody is having a blast playing with water and throwing ice cubes at family members. Papa gives a warning Kato will get bad Karma if he continues using family members as targets.

Kato hurts his head but comes back for more.

Even after Kato Boon hurts his head several times, he does not show any learning signs, or maybe he does? Papa Boon thinks back at the time he was a kid, the similarities are striking. Stubbenous runs in the blood, funny Kato Boon is making it a profession.

It is hilarious to see how Kato Boon literally gets a hedge on his head yet keeps coming back for more. Kato is trying and trying to fool his father, he does not succeed.

Kato Boon needs to find out things the hard way this Youtube episode of The KatoBoonFamily is a good example of that.

KatoBoonFamily YouTube Channel’s rapid popularity might bring Kato a career such as Mr. Beast and Pewdiepie (optimist).

Life on the Kato Boon Farm continues.

A mother pig gives birth to 14 piglets. It happens at night, giving Mama Rak only two hours of sleep (don’t judge her hairstyle in this video).

Fourteen piglets are born without complications, but the mother pig does not want to lay down on her side after labor.

Working with a pregnant pig with 14 piglets and watching funny Kato Boon starts “mission impossible”

The mother pig laying on her belly causes the little piglet not to drink their much-needed first milk. This is a disaster if it can not be fixed, the mother pig needs to turn on its side. Will the 14 piglets survive?

(c) Bas Boon

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