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#Fakenews Crusaders against Trump Panic, Swedish Cop becomes Whistle-blower, Media Bias!


CNN pushed the narrative #fakenews  and ooh did it backfire, like the basket of deplorable remark of Hillary Clinton people have the urge to belong to a movement, group, cult, religion, club… For some reason the Mass Media thinks it still can fool the audience with their propaganda garbage and it looks more stupid by the minute.

Don Lemon can’t stand being called FAKE NEWS and walks off. Triggered CNN Host

For example Don Lemon from #fakenews king CNN  this hypocrite tries to explain that the (CNN anchors and the panel) are all there to help the white house to debate on how to save cost for the tax payers, bringing up the outrageous cost of security for the Trump family. Some of the invited CNN panel accuses Don Lemon of fake news bringing up a security hotel bill of 100K for one of Trump’s sons who conducted business overseas (would be interesting where they get that info and why are the figures mentioned always fucking around, I never had a hotel bill of exactly 100K). It was clear CNN was doing what they always do spin a subject, dramatize it, so the left  wing whining community can produce some more tears over “Hitler” ruling Donald Trump and his “Nazi” family.

I have news for you,  how can you can help Don Lemon – your fear mongering is causing the White House high security bills for the Trump family, stop with your #fakenews and donate some of you blood money to a special funds: #keeptrumpalive to make sure our president and his family are safe.


You could also report on the same day that president Trump just saved 1 billion from the Boeing order and created new jobs. Now by your calculation the protection of one son cost 100K for one trip, that would be on a yearly basis  5.2 million. Let’s say both sons would travel every two weeks the yearly cost would be 5.2 million in your report. Then let’s make it more juicy, Ivanka and other family member we would estimate at another 5.2 million per year. Makes 10.4 million per year which adds up till 41.6 million in 4 years. Even if you would raise the total security for 8 years to the outraged amount of half a billion it is still more important to bring the positive and real news. On the positive side the Donald does not take any salary as a president this saves half a million per year that’s in 4 years 2 million, you can buy a lot of security for 1 billion (savings of the Boeing deal). The Boeing deal and Trump not taken a salary should be the headlines in the MSM instead we can see a frustrated Don Lemon leave his own show on Fake News King CNN as some panel accused him rightfully of fake news. Maybe Don after reading this you understand that #fake News also means under-reporting, not reporting at all, one sided reports, sabotaging polls and live debates, the list is endless

Trump: An hour of negotiations saved more than $1 billion on Air Force One


Donald Trump Would Only Be the Third President to Refuse His Salary


The #fakenews King CNN continues the next day by now it is a remark of Donald about Sweden.

Trump explained on twitter that his remark about Sweden was because of a his statement as to what’s happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden. Daily President Trump has to defend himself against #FakeNews especially from Fake News King CNN. According to CNN Donald talked about a Swedish terrorist attack (terror was not used by Donald but attached by #fakenews broadcaster CNN) last night as President Trump also talked about Paris, Nice and Brussels, the Mass media blows up terror attack as fake news as there was no terror attack in Sweden (they think). By Now the word terror is used over and over again as it fits the Mass Media narrative in fear mongering assumptions one of the favorite ways of FakeNews media reporting. The Truth is that the assumption of CNN that the word and subject terror was out of context and fake news is actually true. Those cities and countries mentioned by Donald Trump are besieged by Muslims, there is riots, rape and crime and there are many No Go Zones all not reported in the Mass Media.


The use of the word terror and terrorist and terror attack is repeated by the Mass Media in every “news” segment they produce for example in my home country Holland the title is: Sweden does not know anything about a terror attack and don’t know what the president is talking about!


Nothing on the crazy policies from leftard liberals in Sweden who ruined the once beautiful and peaceful country into a Muslim Ghetto with 52 No Go Zones and huge riots almost on a weekly base.

Pat Condell – Sweden Goes Insane


Go to www.patcondell.com for more Real News Videos about Sweden – Ship of fools, The Rape Of Sweden. Goodbye Sweden

What They’re NOT Telling You About Sweden

Sweden is Under Social Mind Control Report by Swedish Migrant 

Migrants in Sweden viciously attack CBS Camera Team while Recording, punch, kick Reporters & Crew

MSM / CNN is not reporting on this foreign insane political suicide policies which is criminal, not mentioning a huge Muslim Migrant (invasion) problem does not mean it is not happening and causing huge problems in Europe.

Two Months later:

CNN claims this kind of talk from Donald Trump gets people scared about Muslims, well CNN here is an example of decades of failed immigration policies in the Netherlands with the facts, this should make everybody very scared as it is the truth, Donald trump is still putting it mildly:

The Truth About Immigration and Crime in the Netherlands

Please Donald during the next speech could you mention the Netherlands as well it will do good for the people of Holland and Mr Geert Wilders of the political party PVV who is fighting the corrupt and Bias Media in the Netherlands just like you do in the US.



Peter Springare a top police man with 43 years on the Swedish Police Force blows the whistle and reveals the truth about Sweden

In a Facebook post, Springare writes the following, “Our pensioners are on their knees, schools are in chaos, health care is an inferno, police have been completely destroyed,” as a result of soaring migrant crimes.

Springare wrote that every day arrests are made, the suspects almost all carrying North African names “Mohammed” or variations of that name, most came from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia or Turkey they were charged with, violence against police, rape, assault, drug trafficking and murder. That is if the suspects could be found or arrested as many of them claim to have lost their ID, or have fake iD’s or multiple ID’s.  Springare knows that his post was “not politically correct” but bravely stated “he doesn’t give a shit”.

Surely many leftist politicians in Sweden noticed the Facebook page of Peter Springare and it did not take long for a response.

The Cop who spoke out about immigrant crime being investigated for Hate Speech.


There Is “Nothing” Going On In Sweden according to #fakenews


Did Donald Trump trolled the #fakemedia  again?

I believe Donald Trump is doing this on purpose we could see the same strategy by Trump claiming that CNN did not cover all the Islamic terrorist attacks in their broadcast. Surely a response came from the MSM repeating the words terrorist and Islamic more times than ever defending themselves from a “false” accusation from Donald Trump. By doing this they are proving Donald’s point that there is problems with Islamic terrorism.

The next hit piece by CNN #fakenews , the Washington Post and MSM is to ridicule (their daily occupation) president Trump as during Trump’s press conference Trump was talking about the failed immigration policies in Europe and said; What happened last Night In Sweden referring to a documentary which was played on Fox the night before.  Donald Trump is brilliant the dumbasses of the #FakeNewsMaffia all fall in Trump’s trap, even if it was not planned it had a great effect. By now Sweden and the remark of president Trump goes viral worldwide. #fakenews CNN the Washington Post have headlines : Nothing going on in Sweden, but it backfires when huge riots break out in Sweden and cars are set on fire and the Swedish police is attacked (firing warning shots) by a group of migrants/refugees. Donald Trump my Swedish neighbors thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

up until then no reporting on the rioting in Sweden by CNN and MSM as they are too busy making jokes that nothing is going on in Sweden shooting their Venom at Donald Trump for his remark “ what’s going on in Sweden last Night ”. By now the majority of Sweden is very thankful as the MSM had to concentrate on Sweden and surely a can of worms and the truth will come to surface. A day later there are huge riots and cars are burning in Sweden and the police have to fire a warning shot at an migrant gang who is looting shops, and setting cars on fire and throwing rocks. You could say Donald Trump was wrong as apparently this happens every day or very frequently in Sweden. Because of an avalanche of youtube videos on the riots and that Donald trump was right, CNN and other MSM briefly reported these riots which normally is never the case all thanks to Donald Trump.

It later forced even CNN to report on Riots and Sweden.


President Trump Was Right About Muslim Migrant Riots In Sweden

Maybe CNN can also report on the Swedish woman who was raped to death by a Somali Immigrant or recently and 11 year old boy anally raped in a toilet at a school by an Afghan “refugee”?. Instead we hear about police violence against a migrants in Paris and that’s the reason according MSM why Antifa, refugees and migrants in France are looting and burning cars and having stone throwing contest on the streets in France. I would not be surprised to find the new headline soon:  -CNN “Did Trump hire migrant rioters in Sweden to troll the MSM? OOOH no I meant that in a sarcastic way, well it did not take long or some worm accuses Donald Trump that it’s his lies about Sweden which led to the riots.

Berkeley Prof Robert Reich Blames Trump For Riot In Sweden


Then the Swedish Embassy tweets they would love to educate Donald trump on Swedish immigration policies.


  Found Some facts about Sweden:

  1. Some politicians in Sweden have called for giving housing, jobs and welfare to returning Isis Jihadist – all at taxpayer expense.
  2. Sweden is suffering from a major housing shortage yet simultaneously has politicians telling its citizens that they may need to give up their garages in order to house third world immigrants.
  3. Sweden is a country that hires ISIS-sympathizers to run its immigration boards. The country’s taxpayer-funded “expert” on Islamophobia Michael Nikolai Skramo, also went on to join Isis.
  4. In Sweden victims of Muslim rape Gangs are unsure about whether to report the crime to police because they fear doing so may offend the perpetrator.
  5. A Swedish Bishop in Stockholm proposed removing crosses from a Christian Church and replacing them with Islamic symbols in order to cater for Muslims.
  6. Prominent Swedish politicians are charged with hate crimes for drawing attention to any of these issues.
  7. North Korea owes Sweden €300m for 1,000 stolen Volvos and every 6 months Sweden sends them reminders.
  8. Sweden is one of the largest exporters of weapons, they even tried in secret to construct a huge arms factory for Saudi Arabia, composed of “35 buildings for the development of advanced weapons of points: particularly anti-tank missiles”. Where have ‘Anita-tanks missiles in the main been used in the area? Surprise Surprise : Isis and “moderate terrorist” against Russian-made Syrian tanks. Arms-export magnate Wallenberg was forcefully pushing the arms-deal with the Saudi rulers. Now will visit Saudi Arabia together with the Swedish PM.
  9. When the number of chlamydia cases in young Swedish people doubled in one year, it was decided that condom ambulances would be on standby three days a week, waiting for calls from those caught in a promising situation, but without protection.
  10. At one time, Sweden’s 9th most voted for political party was The Donald Duck Party. They promised free beer and wider sidewalks. Let that sink in..


Ann Coulter excluded from speakers at CPAC


Typical Left / Democrats Rhetoric: Cover your ears. Shut down opposing opinions. Throw a tantrum Ann Coulter excluded from speakers at CPA. Milou Yiannopoulos was prevented by Antifa Rioters to speak at the Berkeley University. Milou has recently be smeared by the left as a pedophile which caused Milo to resign from Breitbart News and lost his $250.000 dollar book deal.

  1. Cover your ears.
  2. Shut down the opposing opinion.
  3. Throw a tantrum.
  4. Storm off. #DonLemon
  5. Everything is Hitler
  6. Everything is Racist
  7. Everything is Misogyny
  8. Everything is Bigotry
  9. Russia Did It
  10. Climate Change deniers are Evil

Donald Trump said during his press conference: I’m not ranting and raving, I’m having a good time.

Fake Media Next Day: Donald Trump was ranting and raving at the media! #FakeNews

TRUMP Calls CNN “Hateful and Angry” News Network – Jake Tapper Proves Him Right (VIDEO)


The #FakeNewsMedia did not try to debunk Trump on Hillary selling nuclear material Uranium to Putin. Silence #TrumpPressConference

Tapper did not understand that the leaks were real but the reporting was #fakenews

I’ll explain it to you Jake The Sleaze Tapper: Somebody leaked a confidential FBI research document on purpose to discredit President Trump. Your focus was to ruin general Flynn and keep talking about the Russians and the connection with Donald Trump. While your aims should have been at the leakers within the FBI. As you do not know what was said on those taped conversations and research documents you produced #fakenews with assumptions about evil Russia and a connection with Dart Vader Putin and Donald Trump ruining the career of the great general Flynn in the process.


You Jake The Sleaze Tapper should have dig into to the Obama Booby trap revelation story: why did Obama give NSA these powers  (wiretapping etc) just before he left office”! Flynn makes a phone call and your bias propaganda leads to his resignation. If general Flynn would have answered that he did talk with the Russians about sanctions do you think your reporting would have made a difference? It’s your reporting that makes people feel they have to be very careful how they communicate as they have to be extremely politically correct to not become the main star in your #fakenews . Obama SENT staffers to Iran during 2008 campaign—got elected as President. I mean he sends staffers not a phone call and the entire delegation went to Iran, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s approval of a deal to transfer control of 20% of U.S. uranium deposits to a Russian company was a quid pro quo exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. That should have been the daily headline. The FBI Reportedly Will Not Pursue Charges Against “Cooperative And Truthful” Mike Flynn but the damage is done. General Flynn I would start a case against CNN for demonizing your personality others were successful in doing this: Hospital CEO Wins Major Court Victory After Accusing CNN of FAKE NEWS Reporting:



The Obama administration recorded phone calls of private citizens (Mike Flynn) and then leaked the contents to the press. This is criminal and a felony.

Liberal Media Refused to Report on Illegal Wikileaks Emails – But Report Non-Stop on Illegal Leak of Mike Flynn’s Recordings Report

Mass Media wishful “reporting”: Trump will fail daily reports for the last two years!

CNN its chaos in The white house:  During the Trump campaign: CNN:  Trump has gone too far now his own republican party leaves him. CNN: this audio drama tape is the end of Trump – woman grabbing pussy remark. CNN: we knows of an FBI report about Trump hiring prostitutes in Russia to pee in Obama’s bed “ Russian golden shower garbage” I mean TMZ must be think fuck why did we not came up with a title like that.

McCain slams Trump’s attacks on media, noting dictators “get started by suppressing free press.”


Well warmongering psychopath McCain the Truth is – Trump isn’t suppressing the media, he is just telling them to do their job properly! #Moron. By now there is a lot of leads which point out that McCain could be the traitor leaking information as he apparently had access to Donald Trump private phone calls including the one with Putin.

EXCLUSIVE: White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone


EXCLUSIVE – NSA Whistleblower: Agency ‘Absolutely’ Tapping Trump’s Calls


The final cherry on the cake from the Mass media must be the report in The Washington’s Post: You wonder why Trump hates the dishonest Media and defends himself against Fake News: Take a Look at this headline:

Don’t compare Donald trump to Hitler. It Belittles Hitler ( picture post )

A Special Military Operation with Navy Seals  in Yemen goes “terribly” wrong reports #FakeNews CNN, it raises questions, Trump personally knew about the operation….

An American Navy Seal died CNN reports a very bad executed operation, Senator warmongering lying McCain confirms it was a bad operation. The Donald should have waited with the operation which was set in motion by the Obama administrations months ago. Surely this demonizing and bad reporting about a secret operation has nothing to do with using a death navy seal to put Donald Trump in a bad light? It’s just to help the public understand that, well that , ahum that Ooh  yeah I remember, children and civilians died as well in the Yemen military operation. Do you hate Trump more now because that’s our purpose producing  #FakeNews in case you still do not understand how we #FakeNews spin stories, dramatize news , make up news and facts, hire crisis actors and lie all because we are but hurt losing democrats and we just can’t stand that we lost.


Now on @MSNBC exposing the lies about Russia! #FakeNews recycling old stories with no facts re: Russia.

Surprise: At the End, Obama Administration Gave NSA Broad New Powers


EXCLUSIVE: In Final Interview, Defiant Flynn Insists He Crossed No Lines, Leakers Must Be Prosecuted


Foreign #Fake News King BBC in the United Kingdom – report from a visitor falling a sleep while watching and listening to the BBC

  1. Syrian Terrorist cuts of heads with rusty knives are all “Anti Assad Forces:
  2. Sweden does not have any problems whatsoever, Nothing ever happens there, no rape, murder and riots.
  3. The Russians are very bad, Darth Vader Putin and his evil empire Russia are the epitome of evil!
  4. In Yemen actually Saudi Arabia is heading the world’s struggle for human rights while the evil Houti rebels are shooting “ballistic missiles”.
  5. A new hero appeared: A transgender Model from the Philippines. Speaks on the BBS with a very deep voice about girl stuff, very educating.


My favorite staged/photo shopped picture of the BBC (picture in daily-mail): baby crawling around in front of riot squad Mama I need another Molotov Cocktail to throw….

British former Prime minister Tony Blair of United Kingdom and paid puppet from the Saudis telling us about the dangers of Brexit ( it was very bad for the stock market if Trump won)? He should have told us of the danger of invading Iraq based on his lies.

Blair: People still dying today in the Middle East because of me, but you will listen to me and have endless referendums until we get the results, I want, HEIL!

First Lady Attacked For Reciting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ At President’s Rally


Melaine recites the Lord’s prayer and MSM says ooh not good and Trump did not know about this, off script very bad, she reads from a paper… Next day feminist shouting Allahu Akbar in New York and praying with Muslims not one headline title in the #fakenews.

Loud Muslim Call To Prayer In Times Square As Muslims Protest Trump, Shout ‘Allahu Akbar!’



I am not seeing any attacks by white supremacist and Nazi’ in Times Square as Muslims and Antifa protest Trump? I mean you have 10.000 Muslims and Leftist March thru New York and not one attack? No limousines on fire, no broken windows from Starbucks and Mac Donald’s, No Looting, No stone throwing contest, No violence against any of the Muslim and Leftist sheeple who participated in the March? Booked Alt Right speaker  Milo at Berkeley: The complete campus turns into a war zone, Ooh wait that is Antifa leftist trying to kill and prevent somebody from free speech, Milo’s opinion is not wanted and offensive. Some people of congress even publicly endorsed the violence against Milo and the MSM did what it always does, spin the story their way or under-report.

Democrat Congresswoman Val Demings Says Violent Riots At UC Berkeley Were A “BEAUTIFUL SIGHT

#Trump In 15 seconds, Marine Le Pen did more for women’s right than a million fat, screeching, vagina hat-wearing… dlvr.it/NRqtlq

France’s Le Pen refuses to wear headscarf for meeting with Lebanon’s grand mufti


The Lastest #Fake News attack on Trump:

Jewish leaders criticize President Trump for response to anti-Semitic attacks


11 more bomb threats target Jewish community. Trump finally responds


Check CNN “Trump Finally Responds” indicating it’s way too late.

The usual garbage #Fake News : CNN Trump tells Jewish magazine’s reporter to ‘sit down,’ blames anti-Semitism on ‘the other side

Here is a reason why Donald trump did not respond any sooner, all 70 phone threats to Jewish centers were Hoaxes .  Jewish graves have been vandalized so Donald Trump did speak out: Trump calls recent anti-Semitic incidents ‘horrible. Naturally CNN has invited their usual biased panel and a spokesperson from the never heard of before Anna Frank Center claimed that: Antisemitism has ‘infected’ Trump administration, sounds like a prescript message read from a teleprompter written propaganda piece by CIA/CNN operatives.

NYPD Seeking to Question Muslim Woman Caught On Video Taking Photos From Jewish School


Unhinged Lunatic Freaks Out On Trump Supporter, Says Trump is an Anti-Semite

Surely all these arrows are aimed at the most hated by anti leftist : Trumps staff member Stephen Bannon.  Some Jewish moron gets very angry about and screams: I am sick of hearing of Trumps Jewish grandchildren and the Jewish husband of Ivanka Kustner, he is an anti-Semite period! Not mentioning why Ivanka converted to Judaism as according the Jewish you can only marry another Jewish person (talking about racism, the irony). Where did I hear this before: Aahh the Nazi’s, to be a member of the SS you had to be at least of 5 generations of white generation Aryan family bloodline.

Trump very very fake news

Paid Actors: Donald Trump Rally – Man Screams “Jew.S.A” is a Paid Shill – George Lindell

Sandy Hook ‘Dad’ CAUGHT Playing FBI (NEWTOWN HOAX Proof)

Man Arrested for Swastika & KKK Graffiti at Long Island College

For the Left Antifa Scum Gang and Muslims who can’t draw: Hate Crime Hoax ProTip: How to Draw a Proper Swastika

I am still waiting for the MSM to report on the Jewish Hungarian Nazi Collaborator George Soros  who is financing worldwide government change and finance the Antifa and Leftist in the US to protest and riot against Donald Trump.

I absolutely love watching the media lose their sh** over Trump’s policies & Trump’s personality. Their left-wing agenda is dead. Priceless.  The Questions or accusations that Trump = #altright is the wrong statement, it should be Trump #gotitright as always!


“Our Job Is To Control What People Think” Nazi Propaganda Minister Jospeh Goebbels

“Our Job Is To Control What People Think” Mika Brezinski MSNBC Anchor




About Bas Boon

”’Bas Boon”’ is the founder and has been the manager of Team Golden Glory since 1999, a network association of mixed martial artists, and kickboxers headquartered in the Netherlands and Thailand. He has trained and managed the likes of Alistair Overeem, Semmy Schilt, Sergei Kharitonov. Stefan Leko, Marloes Coenen, Nieky Holzken, Errol Zimmerman, Gokhan Saki and many more… Below is the biography on the Golden Glory website: :“Born and raised in Holland, Bastiaan Simon Boon is one of the most powerful figures in the fight business today. He has been promoting and producing fight events for the past 35 years. Today he is the owner of Golden Glory, the strongest and most feared fight team in the Globe. Currently Mr. Boon represents Pride, K1, Dream, UFC, and Too Hot To Handle fighters and champions. Something that has never happened before in the industry. Boon is the son of Kasper Boon the noted Professor, Doctor, and Engineer. At the age of 17, the young entrepreneur Bas Boon began his first sports-oriented company, Nikko Toshogu Sports, a Martial Arts equipment company that became enormously successful and quickly spawned a number of other businesses including Nikko Press, and production company. While still a teenager Boon became the youngest promoter of professional martial arts competitions sponsoring Thai Fighting and Kick Boxing events throughout Europe, promoting and producing more than 300 shows world-wide. As a television producer Boon was responsible for conceiving and creating 22 episodes of the series Oriental Fight Promotions which was broadcast by the Super Channel across Europe, he also produced 20 martial arts programs broadcast by Euro-Sport, and several free martial arts fighting events for the FOX TV Network in Holland. With long time partner Frederico Lapenda, Boon produced the “Red Light District” which was broadcast by FOX FILES in the United States. Boon is also the Producer of the series “You Gotta See This”, aired by FOX. Bas Boon also produced 5 Hollywood Movies together with partner Frederico Lapenda He has also distributed Fighting and Martial Arts shows for world-wide TV and DVD licensing. Boon’s ventures have generated numerous articles for such magazines as the German edition of Playboy, Dutch TV Guide, Revue, Actueel Panorama, all the major newspapers in Europe, and several sports and martial arts magazines in Japan and the United States.” Bas Boon was also an executive producer of the well-known Glory World Series which also was sold to Glory Sports International. In 2012. Bas Boon helped facilitate the sales of the Golden Glory and Nikko library to Glory Sports International and is affiliated as a consultant. Bas Boon can be found at the Fight Game Camp, Golden Glory in Pattaya, Thailand. 2- May 2012 Dureka Lang Carrasquill Tranberg capital:: Boon is a polarizing figure. Outspoken, unorthodox, and fiercely demanding when it comes to staging events, he is a suave entrepreneur with a business mind that switches between Wall Street and street hustler as the situation demands. Where the American mixed martial arts organization Ultimate Fighting Championship has the foul-mouthed fight fan Dana White as its president, GLORY has his European counterpart - the colorful and confrontational Bas Boon, president of GLORY Sports, the sporting division of GLORY Sports International (“GSI”). And where White is counterbalanced by the urbane Lorenzo Fertitta, so too is Boon contrasted with Marcus Luer, the GSI managing director.

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