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The Court Stops President Trump’s Travel Ban, Climate Hoax Religion, Muslim Propaganda, CNN Lies..

The Ban on 7 countries, judge stops president Trump an executive order.


Scumbag Democrat lawyer Bob Furguson worked around the clock with support of Amazon +Expedia (other big corporations) to declare Donald Trump’s travel ban unconstitutional. The dream case of any big law firm is to receive unlimited amounts of money to start a case against the president. Knowing the system well it did not take long before Bob Furguson found a judge who is a Black Lives matter Supporter and has been an active supporter for refugees. It’s like the OJ Simpson case where the main theme was blacks against whites. When the racist card was played during the trial, blaming a racist white cop the case was won by the Simpson lawyers but everybody including the black community knows  Simpson was guilty.  Black people cheering on the streets we won, I wrote this before in another blog, what did you win? Did you just win the lottery, no more mortgage payments on your home, a free holiday? In the end he OJ still went to jail by then nobody cared anymore as the Mass media was focused on something else. Comedian George Carlin (R.I.P) said : it’s like watching a giant freak show fueled by the Mass Media to keep the dumb sheep occupied with senseless garbage. The OJ Simpson case: a Jewish lawyer defending a Black Celebrity playing the racist card blaming a white dirty cop, can I get some more popcorn and cola please.

It was Obama and the senate who choose those 7 countries and it’s not a ban on all Muslims like the Donald mentioned during his election campaign. Donald has asked Steve Bannon and legal advisers how to make this legal and the new ban was based on the countries the senate choose during the Obama administration. The Motive of danger is very clear, Obama has been bombing Syria, Iraq, Libya for over 8 years and on top of that it was Obama who supplied Al Qaeda, El Nursa and Isis Weapons to fight the Assad regime. When the Russians came and bombarded the real terrorist the war was over in a few months, no reports anymore during the last month from CNN about Aleppo. In the alternative media we witness that many of the citizens of Aleppo actually have a different story to tell and are mostly on the side of Assad.


A high-profile Democratic congresswoman says she met with Assad on her secret trip to Syria



So the US worked with the terrorist in Syria and then abandon these terrorist with help as soon as Russia started fighting the real terrorist. It’s the US who caused these terrorist groups to thrive and the population being mostly illiterate knows it. Unfortunately for the Mass Media and the criminal Obama administration these crimes are exposed now by the alternative media. Everywhere there is somebody with a phone and camera and a Facebook/YouTube account. Most recent example is a video that went viral receiving over 40 million views from Steven Gern speaking the truth about Islam while being in Iraq, result he is escorted out of the country with immediate death threats!


Contractor Evacuated From Iraq After Speaking Out On Islam


Contractor Evacuated From Iraq After Speaking Out on Islam


Germany “welcomes “old diseases such as TBC “wir Schaffen das” an avalanche of refugees with TBC, HIV, Aids, Syphilis 

Islamist, moderates, Muslims however you want to call them they hate Americans like never before. Europe is already suffering from an invasion of Muslim migrants/refugees/terrorist and the results are devastating. There are many no go zones in France, Germany, Belgium and Sweden these are Muslim Mafia ghetto’s. Some cities in Sweden and Germany became the rape capitols of Europe but the German and Swedish media has been instructed to not report on the identity of the criminals anymore. The worst is the invasion to German hospitals and the testimony of a Check doctor who is fleeing Germany now because of the danger of contamination with TBC, HIV, Aids, Syphilis. German girls do not feel safe to walk the streets anymore.

It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men… Sweden’s record is shameful

It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men… Sweden’s record is shameful

What about Muslim countries that are not taking one single refugee? Israeli passport holders cannot travel to 16 Muslim countries, hell if I have a visa stamp of Israel in my passport I am refused in a dozens Muslim countries and I am not an Israeli.

UAE say Donald Trump’s migration ban is NOT anti-Islamic and points out that the majority of Muslims are still free to travel to the US. Donald Trump’s ban affects Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The top United Arab Emirates official said Trump’s travel ban measure is not directed at any religion. The Foreign minister said the ban did not apply to ‘large majority’ of the world’s Muslims. Even Donald Trump himself stated it is not a Muslim ban


‘It’s not a Muslim ban’: Trump defends controversial executive order on refugees as protests erupt


This has me confused as the Media with leading King of Fake News CNN repeats every hour that there is a ban on Muslims? There is chaos in the white house, the inner staff would be leaking information according to sources from the Media. This time it’s not a Russian hack as it does not fit the narrative of the Mass Media. If there was any truth to the Media Reports that Trump became very angry on the phone with the Australian prime minister and other details of the conversation , it could have come for example from the Australians and not the inner staff of Donald Trump. But the mass media is blowing up any story as long as it portrays Donald Trump in a negative light. The media should actually make a story (some did) why those refugees are on some remote islands in detention camps in Australia? The Australian hard-line policies on Muslim Migrants and refugees is actually something the media should do some major stories on (about its success ). Surely Donald trump and the Australian prime minister have similar things in common when it comes to refugees and migrants. The press should emphasize why Obama made a deal to take these migrants, refugees and convicted criminals from Australian Islands detention facilities ? I am sure the Australian prime minister and Donald trump will get along fine in the future. I can understand Donald was pissed with this Obama booby-trap surprise while you are implementing a travel ban from 7 countries including Iran you receive the news that Obama made a retarded deal to import mainly Iranian refugees/migrants from Australia.


Trump effect? Australia CRACK DOWN on ‘African migrant thugs’ amid EPIDEMIC violence


Chaos in the White House or Mass Media panicking?

It’s Chaos in the white house, the republicans do not know what they are doing, everything they do is wrong. Above all Steve Bannon is a racist and is advising the president with right wing ideas ( it’s just CNN showing they are jealous of the successes of Steve’s Breitbart news and Alex Jones Infowars). Christiane Amanpour from CNN keeps repeating: Trump Muslim ban about 100x a day. Before that the media was obsessed with Trumps Inauguration by comparing pictures as they wanted to show that Obama was much more popular. CNN showed a partly empty field (photo taken at an early time) but panorama pictures from the time of the speech during Trumps Inauguration shows a complete different picture now it is packed and there are no empty spaces.  Its obsessed media CNN who keeps repeating their fake and manipulated “news” but claim that Trump is the one obsessed by numbers and picking fights with them.

On the positive side of Donald Trump there is almost no reporting of Mass Media:


Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman agree safe zone plans in Syria and Yemen


Does anyone wonder why Obama never picked up the phone and created some safe zones in the conflict area like Trump did? –  with one phone call It saved refugees from a dangerous long journey and keeps them out of the hands of human traffickers. It avoids all the diseases they carry to spread to other Europeans. There is no civilization, culture, religious clash with other inhabitants from Europe and they speak the same language and practice the same religion. You avoid importing heroine junkies from for example Afghanistan. Sounds like a real winning plan to me and with the same amount of money you can help 10 refugee families in a safe zone, no-brainer.


Jake “the Sleaze” Tapper from CNN “Trump is Lying..

Another award winning liar is Jake “the sleaze” Tapper from CNN in his latest Anti Trump rant on CNN he keeps whining that Donald did not have the correct numbers about the rising death toll in the US, the Donald was lying he kept repeating. Well Jake they are on the rise again and that sucks and if you live in Chicago you agree 100% with Donald Trump about the highest death toll number in 45 years remark. But most of all Jake the Sleaze was very pissed as his ego and that from other lying CNN anchors was cranked because Trump stated that the Mass media did not report terrorist attacks the right way. This was not true and all frustrated Ego Butt Hurt CNN Anchors repeated and showed their terrorist attack reporting on CNN. The good thing was that the Mass Media admitted they reported on many Terror attacks and even the word Islamic terrorist was mentioned more than ever before, well done Donald!


It’s not that you did not report it you morons you under-report, it’s the way and how: it has nothing to do with religion, Islam is peace, lets pray, hug a victim, ooh the attacker was a lone wolf mentally ill radical militant, the father claimed he is not religious, the mother said he was home radicalized,  showing perfectly integrated Muslims compared with white trailer trash illiterate white racists. The headlines are the Truck caused the death toll, the gun, the knife. Repeating holocaust stories, BLM sympathizers other site 70 year old KKK footage. Antifa propaganda all who do not agree are racist bigots, your list of left wing propaganda crap is so obvious that your ratings are in free fall. Yet CNN Anchors filth keeps reading the scripted propaganda from a teleprompter, by now we all should have drowned by the melted ice caps and see the extinction of the polar bears.

Finally Kellyanne Conway comes on the show of Jake the Sleaze and is trying to reach out a hand to improve the relationships with CNN, unfortunate Jake the Sleaze just kept repeating the president is lying it’s not true we do report on terrorist totally blindsided by his ego and self-importance digging deeper his own swamp grave. When Kellyane stated she did not think CNN was Fake News The Sleaze got an orgasm and now we can find that remark of Kellyane in every highlight promo from CNN for the next month. Look Jake the Sleaze because Kellyane tries to build a better relationship and stating her personal opinion does not make it a truth for everybody, it’s her personal opinion and a statement to build a better relationship with you the Press.  I have reported on tons of fake and manipulated news propaganda stories by CNN and I will keep writing and exposing these as long as you continue your left wing propaganda bullshit. Look Jake “The Sleaze” Tapper : if the numbers and info the president received about the murder rate and terrorist were not accurate it does not make any previous propaganda and fake news you spread suddenly real news, you’re a delusional piece of shit!

The Motive from the Mass media and Corporation to hate Trump;

Climate change news: Arctic sea ice growth stunted again


CNN advertisement money comes from Banks, CIA and big pharmacy, do we really think they would bring us the “news” in an honest way?

A few months later we can see the following headline:

The Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Growing, But It Doesn’t Mean Global Warming Isn’t Real


Notice: but it doesn’t mean global warming isn’t real? I got news for you, it does prove that CO2 has nothing to do with destroying the earth. It proves the climate is always changing and that the sun and clouds are the biggest contributors to climate change:

George Carlin on Global Warming Quote: The Planet is fine, been here for billions of years the people are fucked up!


This was the Nbr 1 theme of the Al Gore scam documentary “the inconvenient truth”.  The weather “scientist” are panicking how do we moderate our weather models to global warming so we can keep being funded billions of dollars? Therefor the title Climate Change is pushed now more and more but at the end it is just fear mongering tactics to suck some more tax dollars out of the working class and control the population but above all eradicate capitalism.


So there is your motive why they all hate Donald Trump as Trump does not believe the climate change hoax, he is pushing for law and order and is creating jobs. He does not want war with Russia but to fight terrorism together with Russia. He points out the lying media propaganda and perhaps it has the media outlets and corporations panicking.

Trump inauguration picture according to CNN and the Nasa ice cap melting picture according to CNN


Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 – they were wrong


Surely I am mentioning the climate change mafia as Trump could withdraw from agreements Obama made about Climate Change. The scam artist bribed and paid for weather “scientist  experts” are shitting themselves, so does the Antifa/left community as it is the last so called Nobel and human shield they can hide and justify their mentally ill violent behavior. No more freebies under the Trump administrations, back to work, no more subsidized weather experts organizations, no more bureaucracy and taxes for the hard working people because of lazy leftist who were pampered for decades with government money, those days are over. Senator Warren keeps screaming and whining, imagine a person like that would merry Jake “the Sleaze” Tapper from CNN just thinking about the Sleaze babies they would produce. The earth would be really lost..


CNN continues their battle and are utterly silenced on Aleppo instead they report about the “new war between the Ukraine and Russia”  ( showing some old footage with a few guys shooting from a fox hole) and Amanpour reports that Assad hung 13.000 prisoners and tortured them. CNN shows some gruesome torture pictures which could have been made in the backyard of a playground school in California. Amanpour reports she has 5 thousand pictures and a whistle blower old prisoner who spills the beans. Surely Amnesty International is mentioned (who has been caught with fake reports and propaganda dozens of times) as the source of the Assad atrocities.


Amnesty Report Accuses Syria of Executing Thousands Since War Began


I reported in my earlier blogs that I find it so fascinating that bad guys always seem to have a thing for round figures. Six Million Jews, The King of Bulgaria who saved 50.000 Jews, Amanpour claiming Assad killed 250 thousand people, I mean that guy with the tally device who is counting the death must be thinking as well its quite astonishing he always ends up with a round number. If 13.000 died by hanging there are tens of thousands more to go, as the mass media propaganda in the west made tens of thousands of retarded Islamic cult members travel to Syria to fight for their Islamic State. Those should be all hung so President Assad if you need more ropes, just produce a tweet. Don’t try to contact Amnesty International as they are too busy writing fake stories for the Fake News Maffia.

The report on the ban continues by now we can see on CNN a baby of 2 years old with a burned face who was a victim of a fire in a refugee camp. Their parents could not travel because of the ban, so heartbreaking. Hey CNN you know what president Trump means with not reporting or under-reporting? Any pictures of the tortured victims whose eyes where gouged out at the Bataclan theater in Paris, what about children in Nice with their intestines splattered all over the boulevard. Or some children which heads were unrecognizable because a derailed Muslim following the Quran by word drove over woman and children at a Christmas market in Berlin? Some kids which brains who were all splattered over the Brussels airport floor? When the population needed to vote for bombing Syria CNN and other Mass Media outlets promoted the drowned picture of a child over and over again, I wrote a blog about this where are all the death baby pictures? I see a report of some riots in Paris because a migrant was sodomized by a police baton anything on the child which was anally raped by Muslim Immigrant?



Muslim Migrant Anally Rapes Teenager, Gets Only Two Months Jail




Germany: African Migrant Sexually Assaults 18 Women On Two Hour Train Ride

“Peaceful Refugee” Sees Swedish Girl, Rapes Her to Death… But What’s Next Is the True Horror


“Peaceful Refugee” Sees Swedish Girl, Rapes Her to Death… But What’s Next Is the True Horror

Media’s Isis “Abu” the New Bin Laden. Where are the Dead Baby pictures from Iraq, Syria and Yemen? Tsunami of migrants!



Media’s Isis “Abu” the New Bin Laden. Where are the Dead Baby pictures from Iraq, Syria and Yemen? Tsunami of migrants!

Trump Trolls CNN To Cover Islamic Terror


I wrote another blog about the assignment to the media to avoid the word Islamic Terrorist

The Media’s very obvious avoidance of the words, Islam, Muslim, Islamist and Terrorism in the Headlines. Rise of Fascism. Thalys Train Shooter

Quote “Are you crazy thinking I am a Islamic Jihadist Terrorist, I am just a poor skinny drug-user that wanted to commit a robbery and accidentally found an AK47 in a park!”

The Media’s very obvious avoidance of the words, Islam, Muslim, Islamist and Terrorism in the Headlines. Rise of Fascism. Thalys Train Shooter

The main argument for the left is that refugees never committed an act of terrorism and therefore the ban is racist (Boston Bombers comes to mind). The truth is that the terrorist attacks we mainly speak about have all one thing in common: they are all Muslim. And they killed because of being inspired by Isis, home radicalized, executing the words from the Quran, killing and beheading the infidel.

Can the lawyers and the judges explain this?

According to the judges the lawyers of Donald Trump could not prove why if there was an eminent threat and therefore the travel ban cannot be put back in place?

FBI investigating ISIS suspects in all 50 states


Right-wing think tank declares 72 terrorists from Trump’s banned countries have been convicted in the United States since 9/11

White House Releases Secret List of 24 Refugees Charged With Terrorism from Targeted Regimes (VIDEO)

White House Releases Secret List of 24 Refugees Charged With Terrorism from Targeted Regimes (VIDEO)

I am not a fan of CNN but their latest report on a whistle-blower from Venezuela caught my attention. Venezuela a socialist country which is a total failure has passports for sale for terrorist and anybody who pays the right amount of money. The reports says that at one case 13 Syrians wanted to pay $10.000.- dollar each to get a passport from Venezuela. Donald pay attention here, first of all give this whistle blower amnesty in the US and a high paid job he deserves it! The most scariest part of the report is when CNN actually searched for these people and proved that the whistle blowers evidence was genuine. The people who bought these Id’s they compared numbers of these passports were Muslims got a citizenship of Venezuela with legal papers indicating they were even born in Venezuela and then moved to the US. Trump should not go to the high court, but issue a new travel ban with an extension of the 7 countries to 12 countries. Venezuela should be edited, it is clear that judges are sitting in their ivory towers and have no clue what it takes to keep citizens safe from Islamic terrorist. In Europe the secret services and police forces are overstretched and it’s getting worse. The judges said Trump failed to prove the threats from those list of banned countries? #travelban #muslimban #trumpban #jakethesleaze #amanpourparrot


Venezuela may have given passports to people with ties to terrorism


EXCLUSIVE: Germany is ‘overwhelmed’ with false asylum seekers’ Syrian passports as forgery experts admit they can’t spot fakes


Alarm as Syria sells 10,000 passports with few questions asked


Iranian professional passport forger known as ‘The Doctor’ is caught in Thailand


The reality is that Muslim Islamist Terrorist is the wrong term, the situations is far worse than the media is reporting and actually trying to shove bullshit through the public throats. As I wrote before Steven Gern an American working in Iraq explains the reality, one day after he uploaded his viral Facebook message (approx. 50 million view’s) he is escorted out of Iraq because of numerous death threats. One more time the link of the viral video, Its not just extremist but just Muslims that hate us:

Steven Gern Something to think about: President Trump’s executive order “They Hate Us So Much”



This is exactly what Donald trump means with underreported or not reported by the Mass Media pay attention here Fake News King CNN. This is also why the alternative media helps people to make their decision by common sense and comparing the news from multiple sources and not only Mass Media propaganda. This is why Donald Trump won, this is why there is a Brexit and this is why the revolution in France and Holland are next! In the Netherlands the blame Russian hackers attempting to influence the elections, this seems to be the new trend when the right wing is winning in each and every poll. But it will not change the minds of the people in Europe, they have had enough of the lying left politicians and their censorship in the media about Muslim crime, they are confronted with Muslim violence and threats on a daily bases week in week out, they want change!


People are sick of their tax dollars vanishing to a Muslim Migrant/refugee family with 10 children named Mohammed and the government keep sponsoring Islam, is a thorn in the eye for the working class people:

Islam gets 150.000 euro from Brussels for Exhibition-Cultural Vomiting, I mean Enrichment

Islamtentoonstelling krijgt €150.000 van Brussel (en 2,5 miljoen van EU)


The court is forgetting the constitutions which suddenly applies to none – citizens, the judges are focused on the motive and the magic word racist and religion picking does the magic trick. As an president you have no power over immigration. The left judges way of showing their political activism. If Scientologists were committing suicide bombings worldwide & demanding cartoonists to be executed, we wouldn’t be welcoming of Scientology? If Mormons or Sikhs would behead infidels we would not tolerate their religion. I’m am starting the only true religion called “Nazi”(Nations Asterial Zi Internal)-Religion of True Inner Peace and incase of war or offence, I have the right to cut off the penises from judges and lawyers who do not agree with me. Food For Thoughts!





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