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Je Suis un Leftard, CNN’s “Front-Line Belgium” Exposed, Islamic Muslim Terrorist Censorship in Mass Media

New None Religious Militants and Extremist Are To Blame for terrorist attacks!
Je Suis Un Coward, Je Suis un Fou, Je Suis Un Retard, Je Juis Un Leftard, Je Suis Candlelight, Je Suis Silent March, Je Juis Un Fleur……


Another Suicide Attack by the followers of the Religion of Peace and again the Media and the Establishment is in denial. This response must be frustrating for the suicide bombing community, I mean how many people in different cities do Muslims have to blow up before the West and the World realizes that it is the Islam ideology driving these attacks to slaughter the infidel?
Robert Hoetink Shutterstock.com
Picture by Robert Hoetink Shutterstock.com
The Media talks about more security, the establishment we need more security, take away more liberties and above all we need to do this together. We need to stay together and fight this together and it has nothing to do with Islam, Islam is peace.  Don’t ask yourself why the religion of Peace constantly has to emphasize that Islam is a religion of peace, don’t criticize this religion or you’re an islamophobe and a nazi and you could become a person ending up on an Isis / Islamic death list for doubting that Islam is a religion of peace. Or you could get a visit from your local police who will intimidate you to not use social media or alternative media to express your own opinion on the religion of “pieces”. You can image if there would be a religion of war how that would look like?
Well the former major of Islamic State Molenbeek should be arrested, it was this leftard and his political land traitor party, that denied all the signs and actually promoted the ghetto of religious lunatics with their Islamic Death Cult to thrive and grow into a Islamic State Molenbeek. Everybody who said something against this Islamic invasion in Molenbeek was labeled by this major as an islamophobe and a nazi. The fact that the train shooter, the Paris terrorist and the Terrorists from Brussels all had their main office in Molenbeek, well that’s unfortunate. We should keep the borders open ( some of the terrorists from Paris and Brussels came with refuges migrants) we will pray and have silent marches and light candles and this will stop the terrorists. The Muslim Jihadist know now because of the media and successful attacks, that hiding among refugees is the perfect disguise to move freely through Europe. The fact that when Abdelsalam was arrested and the riot police and massive anti-terrorist squads where threatened by the Molenbeek Islamic Death Cult inhabitants they were not really mentioned in the press. Even rockets were thrown at the police and the special arrest teams, it was like going door to door in a guerrilla war in Afghanistan according to an  insider working in a Belgium terrorist squad.
Surely some people started asking questions, I mean there was the most wanted terrorist after the Paris terror attack living and hiding in Molenbeek for months and all his fellow Cult members knew exactly where he was. Time for some research so CNN correspondents went to Brussels and Molenbeek ( according to CNN for months) to make the documentary named Frontline Belgium.
The Edition of Frontline Belgium Documentary on CNN
What happened to Geraldin’s Muslim husband? In the CNN Front line Belgium documentary we are introduced to the Alice in Wonderland Story of CNN producers about what’s going on in Belgium. Here are some of the discussed subjects:
I would like to know what happened to Geraldine’s Muslim husband? Geraldine is introduced as being active for a group of humans who established a group: Mothers Collective.  She lost her son to “radicalization” according to Belgium woman Geraldine her son went to Syria. Geraldine lost her son because of the Jihadist recruitment’s so she says, the scene ends that a voice over says that Geraldine has nobody left she lost everything.
An Honest journalist would ask the following:
Any intelligent person can see a heavy overweight Gerladine (the fat pig “community” ), who does not have her own life under control.  She got pregnant from a Muslim Man and her daily occupation was being fat and complaining.  Her 5 sec of fame comes now to appear in the bogus CNN Documentary: Front-line Belgium. CNN anchor says Geraldine has nothing left in her life: why not ask her what happened to her Muslim husband? I am curious what happens on the front-line in Belgium, I would like to know about Geraldine’s husband ( if she was ever married, did her man die, did the former Muslim “lover” have relationships with  4 or more other overweight baby throwers?) The father of the child is Muslim and also responsible for raising their child, perfectly normal question to ask as this is the result of the multi-cultural agenda?
This could be an Honest answer from Geraldine which pictures somehow a “little” different story:
I was sick of masturbating, my former husband left me when I reached 122Kg. Then I met Mohammed at least Mohammed was honest he said he had multiple wives, but that was ok according his religion. He had 12 other kids with 4 woman who were all overweight and had an attention disorder. Mohammed was unemployed and had no money so he would please the Belgium woman fat pig community who loved any little attention they could get. In the next two years Mohammed became really violent towards these woman as he could not stand all the crying babies. So he left Molenbeek  and Brussels to seek some fat Western woman in Hamburg Germany to spread some social love there, but ending up in prison on rape charges. The Muslim babies grew up on welfare without a father and then developed a split personality overtime being educated by the Molenbeek Islamic Death Cult and listening to Imams at local Mosques. The Muslim grown-ups now started to commit armed robbery and travel to Syria, recently the media would picture some of the terrorist as Alcoholic party animals who smoked dope and visited whores, like the Mohammed Atta gang in the 9/11 event. This is important for the press because then other Muslims can say well they are not real Muslims because they drink alcohol and use drugs.
The perfect Moroccan Victim is interviewed next in the Front Line Belgium Documentary,
The “Moroccan Victim” speaks perfect English and clearly has had an education.  He got arrested by a special terrorist squad and he explains he does not understand why he was arrested? Was it because he is Moroccan or looks like a Muslim are his words. Wow, I mean all of Europe is in a state of siege under the threat of Muslim Jihadist and this ”victim” cannot understand why he was arrested he really does not have a clue? He does not feel like a Belgium citizen are his last dramatic words in perfect English.  It is false arrests like this which gives many young Muslims a “legit” reason to stand up against the West! Now you might wonder that’s not really a reason to become a suicide bomber? Well don’t forget Muslims are very easily offended and then they will find a sentence in their Quran to justify violence. I suggest this victim to take a look in Molenbeek and ask about the thoughts and ethics of his fellow Moroccans there, I am sure he gets a better inside view why police and terrorist squads are not taking any risks or chances anymore, just a tip!
The CNN crew could have interviewed the Islamic community in Molenbeek who threw rockets when Abdelsalam was apprehended if their journalist and camera’s equipment would survive this challenge.
Next perfect integrated Muslim in the CNN Front-line Belgium documentary is Imam Sulayman van Ael according to CNN the biggest change comes from the Muslim community from the inside. The Imam speaks perfect English ( The Imam is guided with a bodyguard because the way he follows the “religion of peace”: Islam, fellow Muslim Jihadist have a violent different opinion) and claims that Muslim youth thinks they are not Muslim anymore if they live in another country? They think they lose their identity, I guess being Muslim and Islam is now a race?
Big Change comes from the Inside,
Abdelsalam, the Paris terrorist and the Train shooter all lived in Molenbeek and many Muslim inhabitants living in this Islamic “state” ghetto knew it, I wonder what Sulayman means with: change comes from the inside? Surely we know that not all Germans were Nazi’s but all German inhabitants followed the violent Nazi minority and we know what resulted of that. Instead CNN could have interviewed several  Imams and the youth in Molenbeek. Secret camera and a Muslim journalist disguised as Al Jazeera journalist asking for the truth in Molenbeek to the youth at schools and Mosques and interviewing parents in Muslim Islamic State Molenbeek. The CNN would interview the PM of Belgium who admitted that Muslim youth were celebrating the attacks on the streets of Belgium and schools.


Belgian vice PM admits: Muslims celebrated in the streets after Brussels jihad massacre, media ignored them 
The next perfect Belgium integrated Muslim in the CNN documentary  is a lawyer. The lawyer claims it is the governments fault that these radicalized Muslims go to Syria at a young age to fight. Actually I agree with this statement but not  for the arguments  the lawyers makes. I agree that the government is to blame for turning of a blind eye for decades and a failed integration process and open border policy. Not for preventing radicalized Muslim children from going to Syria, if there was no Syria or Iraq they still would be radicalized. The name of their American Branded and invented cult fetish  is not Al Qaeda or Isis it’s called Islam and Islam wants you to surrender to the rules and laws of Islam regardless which country , which planet or which universe we live. Paris and Brussels terrorist were largely from Moroccan and Algerian origin? Any bombs ever dropped in Morocco and Algeria recently?



This lawyer reminded me of the lawyers from Cage who were defending headhunter Jihad John claiming that Jihad John was not really a bad guy actually using the word beautiful! Asim Qureshi ( Researcher for the Cage group), blamed MI5 for radicalizing Mohammed Emwazi, had previously supported Muslims waging jihad against British soldiers. This would give the viewer of the CNN documentary a kind of different opinion  “I Guess” …
The CNN documentary shows some shots of the old extremist radical group named Sharia for Belgium ( they let this extremist Jihadist group preach hate for 5 years in Belgium), but just a few seconds and no sound under the images. Most footage is shot on empty streets of Belgium and the most laughable scene is the CNN news anchor going “underground” to some bookstores in Brussels to obtain some brainwashed manual extremist books which are forbidden. After visiting two bookstores the CNN journalist and the CNN crew ( secret camera) are feeling fooled, the documentary team reports the they felt  they got the run around. The documentary ends by the CNN journalist ordering these books online, the  names of these books she does not want to reveal.  I recommend the CNN producers to read the Quran if they are in search of violent and extreme writings they do not need to go get then to run around in some shady bookstores. The Quran can be found everywhere and a lot of the text is much more shocking then what the CNN producers showed in their documentary. I would give the “documentary” a reward of 1 on the scale of integrity and an 9 for propaganda purposes.
Reality, Muslim Integration fails for decades
More than 50% of the Muslim immigrants in Europe are unemployed and in prison the Muslims are overrepresented, the numbers mentioned on CNN and other media are lies. CNN reports that 6% of the Belgium population is Muslim, surely CNN forgets that all Muslim children with a Belgium nationality are not included in these strange produced Media numbers. Wikipedia says that if you count all Immigrants with a Muslim background in Belgium the number would be 8.1% but that was in 2011. This would bring the percentages far above 10% and that’s not including all the illegal Muslims staying in a country like Belgium and the massive influx of Muslim refugees in 2014/2015. In cities like Molenbeek, the British city of Luton ( the Molenbeek of England) or the French city of Marseille more than half of the population is Muslim. There is not control in the birthrate of Muslim families like there is in China. Their birth rate is 8.3% ( compared to 1.3% in the west) which leads to many children in one family where both parents are many times uneducated and unemployed. This isolated the children from a fair chance in society, therefore they come together especially in Mosques and prayer houses. You can hear the stupid Muslim youth claiming that western men are infertile, the truth is that western men work and know making a child is a costly,  at least $100.000 to feed and educate a child. The Muslim community they do not think like that they just expects the working class to pay taxes to raise their children on welfare. To ultimately increase their Islamic population.

The CNN conducts an interview with the brother of one of the Isis executioners in Brussel, he is introduced stating that he comes from a modest family of 13,WTF a modest family of 13? Yes 13, that is apparently considered modest according to CNN.


Muslims love welfare but are offend by:
Christmas, Pigs, Easter, Halloween, Dogs, Jews, Christians, Gays, Skin, Women, Crosses, Churches,  Atheist, Unbelievers of Islam….
So the west is trying to adapt to the Muslim needs and ideology. WHATTTTTT yes we all should adapt:
We also give in under pressure and blackmail from Turkish president Erdogan / Turkey is receiving billions from the EU to stop the flow of refugees into Europe and there are talks that Turkey could enter the EU.
Forget all the journalist with a different opinion who are getting arrested in Turkey. Or the recent scandal where Turkey is causing an international conflict Ankara ‘moves away from EU’ after reaction to German satire video, commission chief says ( no worries just an offended Muslim president who wants to tell others even in another country what should be allowed, he is actually an honest Muslim).
Ankara ‘moves away from EU’ after reaction to German satire video, commission chief says:

Recently we could see the bodyguards of Erdogan fight with journalist in Washington, yes another foreign country where the Turkish show their international Muslim face by showing how offended Muslims are from the religion of peace and solve their differences with violence:


Dear Mr Erdogan please check out this satirical video about the prime minister of Holland Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel:
For the Muslim refugees in Germany 150,000 Free Condoms to “Refugees” were distributed so at least as they rape some German girls they would not pass on HIV, Hepatitis BC, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia etc ( if they use the free condoms before they commit their rape that is of course).
German railway to launch separate gender carriages due to women’s fear of travel after rise in #migrant sex attacks.
Another solution for Germans to adapt to the Muslim Islamic Death Cult invaders ( millions are imported by communist German leader Angela Merkel)  is to have different gender train wagons (see title), so females are being harassed less. I also suggest separate train wagons for transgender, crippled and homos, let’s make the trains 3x longer..
In Denmark girls are convicted for using pepper spray while the Muslim migrants were trying to commit rape.
To support the Muslim community in Denmark: Dozens of Danish Brainwashed sheep Women Show Support for Islam By Taking Selfies in Hijab after Brussels
Belgium: In Molenbeek even the mannequins dolls in shops awaiting a change of clothes to have their modesty protected.
England a Man is arrested for “suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media” after tweeting about Islam, which is now a race apparently. 50% of ISIS supporters want to attack UK next. Good job UK police are ready. Oh wait, they’re busy arresting people for tweets.
A Judge in England bans British father from taking his son to church because his mother is Muslim.
A Muslim shopkeeper was butchered and murdered because he dared to post a happy Easter Message
English Man arrested for “suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media” after tweeting about Islam, (Islam is now a race apparently). Yes police is arresting people who criticize Islam after another terrorist attack.
In Holland a yoga teacher produced a tweet about celebrating Muslims children in schools in The Netherlands after the Brussels attacks and he was visited by three policeman the next day by special order of the major to not use twitter anymore for telling the truth! Some public pools and cinemas have been closed in the Netherlands because of the repeating violent and rapist behavior of Muslims during the sugar fest ( after Ramadan).

Double standards in reporting, not even close!
One week after  the Brussels Islamic Death Cult Terrorist attacks lots of attention in the mass media for a group of a few hundred Belgium protesters who scream Belgium is our land. Immediately the titles in the media are a bunch of Nazi’s right wings Nazi saluting scum etc. Well I saw 7 people making the salute does that mean that all the protesters were Nazi’s?
Nothing in mass media about the screaming Palestinian man screaming Palestine while stamping on memorial flowers.
Angry Muslim Starts Screaming “Palestine!” in Middle of Brussels Memorial for Terror Victims –
Palestinian thugs remove Israeli flag from #BrusselsAttacks memorial in Tel Aviv, replace it with theirs).
Celebrating Muslim children in schools in Belgium and Holland and the celebration of Muslims in Belgium streets because some infidels were blown to pieces. Nothing in the mass Media about the count of Muslim theologist refuses to pray for the Brussels Islamic Terrorist victims as they were not all Muslims.
Raad Moslimtheologen weigert in moskeeën te laten bidden voor slachtoffers, want “niet allemaal moslim”. #aanslagen
There was even a Mosque leader who calls the extremist the true Muslim
Just a tweet: Hello @CNN, yr Muslim reporter in Belgium @NimaCNN ElBagir is justifying the acts of #Brussels jihadist under the Burqa of balanced reporting
The word Islamic or Muslim is not even mentioned to any of endless list Islamic Muslim terrorist attacks. The political correctness madness takes insane proportions: WH Censors Video of French President Saying Islamic Terrorism” .
But what do we expect from a Muslim president like Obama who is busy inviting young Muslim children like Ahmed the clock-maker “we should inspire more kids like you Ahmed to like science “It’s what makes America great again (Obama borrowed that slogan from Donald Trump). Well the grown up kids in Belgium under the banner of the religion of peace or looking with great interest at nuclear materials and nuclear plants for making Mohammed great again and their young martyr reward the endless blow job festival in their everlasting paradise afterlife.
Lahore Pakistan bombing used for Propaganda “Terror has nothing to do with religion”.
Not long after Brussels  there was a terrifying Islamic Terrorist suicide bombing in Lahore in Pakistan : Islamic Terrorist ( splinter group of Al Qaeda is reported in the media) blew themself up near a kids playground and targeting Christians. It was Donald Trump tweeting “sympathy for the Lahore Victims and mentioned Christians were targeted in the this attack and Senator Carson tweeted shame on the Obama administration for not responding to Christian children being targeted and blown to pieces in Pakistan we would have heard nothing in the mass media. But at least CNN and the BBC did some reporting, but wait what, WTF: a huge sign can be spotted at the end of the short news reports on CNN, the short newsflashes on the


Lahore Suicide bombing reporting: The sign says: Terror does not know Religion.
The Amanpour CNN  reporting is hilarious the subtitle says.
Suicide Bomb target Christians  (very special kind of bomb, it blows itself up)
Pakistan PM vows prime mister says to eliminate extremist (which extremist?)
Do you think the attack was religiously motivated asks Amanpour?: Answer: No they are militants and have no religion ( they don’t pray or have any motive, they just like to blow up small children).
Global challenge to fight these militants  (yes militants nothing mention of Islamic terrorist) and do not forget it is all extremists and militants.
Far more people have a modest way of thinking and living in Pakistan (interview Amanpour), the others like: Imams , Mullah’s and Cleric have nothing to do with religion or religious education.  I am just guessing now: it looks like the 100.000 demonstrators in Pakistan with hate signs are now all considered militants and extremist? But the good news is it has nothing to do with Islam, pff they had me worried for a minute.
shutterstock_229972423 (1)

Africa land of opportunities promoted by CNN
CNN is now shifting to Inside Africa, Market Place Africa brought to you and sponsored by Face Time, Dangote and Zenith Bank. All positive news reports about perfectly English speaking educated Black African people promoting the wonderful Africa and their businesses and culture. Nothing much about all the white farmers who got butchered , slaughtered and kicked of their farms (imagine public hangings and executions  from white farmers : sponsored by Zenith bank). Nothing much about the highest crime rates in rapes and killings in the world since the Black African population are ruining Oepps sorry I mean running their own country. Since the white farmers been leaving and many of them were killed by black racist, the land is not fertile anymore nothing is produced. The food is getting more expensive because of import and no export. And above all we do not hear so much about the rise of Islamic Terrorist  Militants Oepsss I mean Extremist and Militants in South Africa.
Just after the Brussels Militant and extremist attacks, Nigeria is next!
Boko Haram burns 86 children in Nigeria (image: brought to you by Face Time)
Surely no international coverage in the mass media about the African atrocities just some female suicide bombers  (without clear motive) who had initially tried to mingle with the villagers “were intercepted, then blew themselves up,” Sure just militants and extremist burning 86 children (forget the victims in Brussels that’s just peanuts and it has nothing to do with Islam and the religion of Peace).

Dona_Bozzi Shutterstock.com

Just a Militant Extremist who watched to much TV Picture by Dona-Bozzie shutterstock,com

Africa is full of extremist and militants Al Shabaab ( remember the attack from Al Shabaab in Kenya)
147 people got killed at a Kenyan university, surely this was because some Militants and Extremist just do not like students and people going to school, I am very relieved it has nothing to do with Islamic religious nut cases and their religion of pieces.
The attack from Al Shabaab at the Westgate shopping mall comes to mind, it’s perfectly clear now these militants and extremist just did not like people shopping that day, such a relief it has nothing to do with Islam!
Utopia Somalia you won’t find religious insane Muslims they are all Militants and Extremist without any clear motive just committing some mass murder , the suicide attacks in Mogadishu and in central and northern Somalia come to mind, but now it is clear to me, these militants and extremist just did not like government buildings.
Can somebody change the Wikipedia information of Al Shabaab it says militant group but then it turns into Jihadist, Islamist and Al Qaeda affiliation this could be misinterpreted as delusional insane religious Muslim fanatics who are slaughtering with the Quran as a manual
I am happy this is all cleared up now I booked my safari already……

Small History Lesson
A small history lesson from the religion of peace: Sufi Shamsudin Muhamad Iraqi destroyed temples in Kashmir, built mosques & brutally converted 24000 Hindus by the sword The enslavement of Hindus was the most flourishing and successful Muslim activity in India. I suggest to re-write all of history and replace the word Islamic with Militants and Extremist, what an original way to solve the worldwide Religious insane Islamic Death Cult problem.
Europe (the world) is now under sustained terrorist attack by several “human beings” who are committing mass murder for no good reason. I am happy the media resolved the Islamic and Muslim problem and that no attacks are religiously motivated. We must continue to keep open borders and we must keep promoting the multi cultural agenda, regardless if some of these cultures rape children promote child marriages, crap and urinate in public ( Indians and Muslim migrants for example), murder homo’s and eat rhino horn or tiger penises, because that would stimulate some human penises.

Stefan Molyneux exposes how the socialist-jihadist alliance in Molenbeek led to the Paris and Brussels attacks.

This will become as routine in Europe as it is in Pakistan, Nigeria and all other countries in the world unless we counter the #ReligionOfPeace myth and name this sick Death Cult by its real name: Islam
This would be the perfect start of the CNN documentary, this pharmacist from Aleppo is what the West needs, we can see that he really has assimilated to the German culture…

(c) Bas Boon

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