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James Bond 007 And The Paris Terrorist Attack, NWO Makes Moves Towards WW111


In the new James Bond 007 Movie Spectre our beloved secret agent is fighting against a criminal organization who is on the verge of controlling the world with the introduction and membership of a global surveillance and security system (today’s New World Order/Globalist). Our beloved 007 actor Daniel Craig is fighting the ultimate bad guy Christoph Walz who also played the sadistic Nazi SS commander in Quinton Tarrantino’s movie  “Inglorious Bastards” and “Django Unchained”. The story of the new Bond Movie is actually interesting as it portrays a perfect scenario which paints a portrait of reality on the world’s so called war on terror today.

SPECTRE – Special Executive For Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion

Quote George Bush: Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorist

No other option available, actually Bush in a Morbid way could have played the villain in a perfect psychopath way, George’s diabolic smile reminds me of that from Christoph Walz ( in some movie scene’s they look like each other) the scene in the movie Inglorious Bastards where Walz points out hidden Jews in an underground cellar comes to mind ( just picture Bush with that Nazi SS Outfit long black coat with Nazi Officer SS hat).
The reason I am making a comparison between the recent Paris Islamic Terror Attack and the new Bond Movie Spectre is the following. In the Spectre movie all countries have to unanimously decide to agree with the new policies and hand over all their sources and agree with the new delusional power-seeking new leader of the world. The Nation South African does not agree to become a member of Spectre, so the deal is off. Two days later an unprecedented horrific terror attack causes death and fear in the Capital of South Africa, which leads to the South African Government to join the Spectre Organization.
False Flag?

Now I am not trying to suggest that Paris was a false flag attack in the sense that Jewish crisis Actors were hired screaming Allah Akbar just before some delusion religious insane nut – cases  started some slaughtering and that they were hired by the Mossad or the CIA. However not long ago I wrote in my previous blog that all the ingredients are created especially by mass media, broadcasters like CNN and the BBC and left wing socialist open border policies which will create terrorist attacks and the buildup of hate against religious group like Islam vs the West and in the US the Black Lives matter Groups ,Blacks Vs  White.
U.S Billionaire Gorge Sores is the next real a life figure who could be a villain out of a Bond Movie, he would be the perfect behind the scenes mystery man who is financing terrorism and creating diversity in the world to push the world global domination agenda (N.W.O). Actually it’s worse in the case of George Soros he does it in plain sight financing Ferguson riots, Ukraine unrest and European policy for open borders.
Not every crises actor is a hired actor by “Spectre”
Paris Attacks False Flag: Unbelievable Crisis Actor Saved By Cell Phone = BULLSHIT!
Here is a classic example of how conspiracy theorists will grab incidents like this ”witness” to prove that the Paris France Attack was a false flag event. First of all it could be real this guy’s phone was hit as crazy as it sounds. Or it could be an attention seeking French citizen who would like to be in the media. Or it is the Sensation seeking media actually fabricating or manipulating some witnesses to make their story more juicy, that still does not mean that the Paris Terrorist Attack did not happen or that people did not die and especially that there is not a problem with “radical” Islam.
However the Syrian Gas Attack by Assad on his own citizens promoted in the Mass media ( the reason for the U.S to start their bombing campaign) has been proven to be orchestrated by the Islamic Terrorist groups who were Fighting the Assad army. The same Mass Media Reported that firebombs burning down a Syrian children school was completely fabricated
 No it should not, we all knew it was coming an avalanche of Terror attacks by Islamic terrorist groups. Tunisia to so called success nation of the Arab spring is a farce, sure you can give a Nobel price to some activist groups in Tunisia for their work to push democracy, it took one religious insane nutcase shooting up a beach with British tourist and Tunisia’s main industry tourism is on the verge of collapse (prior a museum in Tunisia was attacked) and recently a Bus exploded in Tunisia another attack claimed by Isis.
Then a Russian plane is brought down in Egypt, this terror attack ( which was determined by the media within days that a bomb brought down the plane) has a devastating effect on the Tourist Industry in Egypt. Why bring in an army or support Islamic fundamentalist to overthrow a foreign regime when you just can use a tragic event  (or create one) to cripple a whole nation like Egypt.  In the following weeks after the Russian plane went down in Egypt 180.000 Russian tourists were brought back to Russia. KLM announced they were to cancel flights to several Egyptian airports and other nations also pulling out tourists from Egypt and arranging special flights. The result of this exodus of tourism is a massive hit on the tourist industry and the estimated loss is half a trillion dollars. This will lead to more poverty in Egypt, misery, people losing jobs which creates, well you guessed it: Radicalism.
The Truth About Islam Must See Video

Beirut suicide bomb attack, Ooh and the whole center city of Brussels and parts of Belgium have been closed.

In Turkey a Bomb Goes Off killing over 100 civilians, Isis, Kurd’s finger pointing from  Turks and Kurd’s and suicide bombers terror everywhere. Meanwhile Turkey is responding and start Bombing “targets” in Syria mostly Kurd’s which they hate, but who are actually fight Isis.
In my previous blogs I wrote that it was quiet in the news regarding terrorist attacks as Isis and other terrorist groups were waiting for their Muslim brothers ( Muslim Migrants and Jihadist) to invade Europe. Funny how Isis understands they should not strike in Europe before millions of their Muslim brothers arrived in Europe. To have a terrorist attack to soon it would  change the opinion of the European people on the open border policy.

The people of Europe and The U.S will be witnesses and avalanche of threats, plots unfold, raids, attacks by an avalanche of Mass Media coordinated bulshit.

 I will not change my social media avatar to a French Flag
The left wing social brain washed sheep are at it again. Solidarity with France, I stand for France and like the gay promotion rainbow colored flag brainwash campaign the sheep are following the trend. Je Suis Charlie, Je Suis France, Boem, Now Je Suis Mort, signing and listening and promoting  the song of Imagine all the people of Jon Lennon, is it helping? I am sure that if a right-wing death squad killed over 100 Muslims in an evening, there would be no singing and promoting the song imagine of John Lennon. What about organizing a silence March again that would be a good idea? Stupid political correctness for the sheep, psychological warfare: I stand with France I am against the terrorist. People unite and above all Islam is still not the problem, well the diversity pushing agenda by the psychopaths warmongering “spectre” members is having and going to have its effect. The recent bombs exploding at a soccer match in France, the Paris France Attack and the new cancellation of a soccer match in Hanover Germany  after a bomb threat hits the heart of humans (their social lives) who after a week of work want to enjoy their weekends by visiting a soccer match, a music concert, dinning at a restaurant. Another terrorist raid in Belgium , a suicide bomber blows himself up ( 5000 shots fired), R.I.P police dog hero who died while attacking one of the terrorist. Surely the left wing socialist warriors will disagree again that this is very racist ( attack on democracy and our European culture values, attacks on “soft” target’s).

A pastor in the U.S ( another religious freak “Christianity”) would claim if you visit a heavy metal concert ( Paris Attack) you deserved to be killed? Delusional humans from the religiously insane community keep spreading their hate and sick psychopath messages to brainwash some more poor sheep who feel the need to belong to a group with similar sick and disturbed minds and ideas.

Heartless Pastor Blames Victims of Paris Attacks For Going To “Death Metal” Concert, Has Never Actually Heard EAGLES OF DEATH METAL
 Taking a soccer match away from the normal working people will do the trick, more hate towards Muslims more diversity, indirectly all used by the “Spectre” organization promoted by the “Spectre Controlled” Mass Media to get the public mass sheep behind the agenda of a bigger government, giving up their liberties and have “Spectre” control the world’s oil reserves and other sources on a global scale. Do not think for a second that these terrorist attacks are a coincidence, they are well timed and like the use of the Death Syrian drowned child being printed on every front page in the Worldwide Mass Media it is used for brainwashing the public sheep. Think it’s about Terrorist? Listen to this guy on CNN Nicholas Christophe: According him Assad is the great recruiter of Isis??? WTF?. Do the French people the West and the U.S forget that many of the Baath party members of Saddam Hussein and Sunnis from Iraq flooding into Syria after the U.S military pulled back out of Iraq are now Isis Fighters? Do the French people forget that over 100.000+ Jihadist from all over the world went to Syria to fight for Isis?” Imagine all the people song of John Lennon”. Do we forget that 10.000 U.S Military personal trained 200.000 Iraq’s who laid down their weapons and run from the battlefield the moment Isis showed his face with only an estimated 30.000 strong “army” of lunatics? These former Iraqi Baath party member s who were thrown into prison and tortured by the U.S. Do we really think if Isis comes to Syria and Iraq and pays Muslims 3.000 per month who used to earn 150 dollars per month would not join IS “cause”. Free weapons, a Yazidi girl for an illiterate who never had a woman + 3 K and all justified by Allah, there you have it.
Headline in the Dutch Telegraph, John Lennon’s Imagine gives Hope…
Imagine Assad getting 100.000 brainwashed religious freaks from all over the world every single one with a death wish thinking they’re doing the work of Allah fighting for ISIS creating “their” Islamic State within Syria? The West and The U.S including French training and funding Islamic Extremist organizations like El Nursa, Al Qaeda and Isis to get rid of Assad ( since 1956 it was determined that the Syrian regime should be removed)
The recent disagreements over an oil pipeline between Iran and Syria sparked more unrest and is fueling the Islamic Jihadist. Assad who did not want to use the Rothschild Banking system. So France: Je Suis Un Fous should be the theme for the mass sheep, they voted for this left wing socialist governments who promote the multi culture agenda. It is your chosen government who decided to train and deliver weapons to these terrorists to get rid of Assad. Like Putin says how can you make deals with the religiously insane to overthrow a regime the West does not like as if these terrorist “allies” would do your dirty work and follow orders.
This is how the Mass Media the Public Sheep Keeps Brainwashing.

Any reports in the Mass media about spitting and biting hiv disease refugee’s flooding hospitals in Germany”? Reports in the Mass Media about  1400% rape increase in Sweden and Germany because of Muslim migrants? If we do talk about this as an individual or the Mass media would report the other side of the mad policies of insane political leaders then we are racist, so the politically correct insane left continues to dictate the destruction of our European culture and manipulates the public opinion. CNN brings you the perfect witnesses of The Paris Attack for their gun control and personal agenda’s:  A Woman and Man witness who lost a loved one during the Paris attack: we fight this Terrorist with love we don’t want France citizens to arm them self to defend we fight this with love “BOEM”. Another propaganda  piece of CNN repeated a 1000X:

France Kid brainwashed by (left socialist) father used as propaganda tool.

France Kid with his father is interviewed for the CNN cameras which received millions of views around the world on social media as well: The Kid: Flowers win from guns, the brainwashing of the socialist left parents reality denial ,they keep marching in silence.


Surely CNN does not show that 17% of France Muslims sympathize with Isis or a witness who lost his friends during heavy metal concert in the Paris Attack and screams all Muslims should be deported and killed that does not promote the Spectre multicultural agenda.

The 007 program is still active, secret service budgets and surveillance reaching astronomic proportions.

Edward Snowden lives in exile because he revealed surveillance scandals through his wiki leaks web site. He is considered a criminal for exposing the criminal activities of “Spectre”. A huge scandal that was exposed were NASA hacked the personal mobile phone of Germany’s head of state Angela Merkel.

That was October 2013, today it is the German BRD ( German secret service) who is back in the news . Recent headlines inform us that the BRD is accused of spying on the Red Cross the Vatican the list is long…

Germany spied on France for US’s NSA
Germany’s Merkel under fire over NSA scandal
In the new Bond movie we can see 007 infiltrating the headquarters of the international “Spectre” organization where the intelligence and surveillance from all over the world is gathered and the World Wide Mass media is manipulated. Guess what:
Just two days after the France terrorist Attack French Fighter Jets are Bombing targets in Raqqa in Syria?

Pay attention here sheep population: We are taking revenge on the Paris terrorist Attack. Great Britain is trying to join bombing for peace in Syria by using the Paris terror attacks. A Chinese hostage is seen captured by ISIS, so China can join the peace bombing community in Syria as well. What can possibly go wrong?

 What can possibly go wrong?

Well Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter jet to start with, according to the Turkish they warned the Russian pilot 10 times. Maps and radar show that the Russian plane was supposed to be 17 seconds in Turkish airspace. Ok, say this was true, why would Turkey shoot down a Russian plane which is fighting Isis? Not only that, Turkey has had millions of Iraqi’s, Syrians, Afghan “refugees”, migrants, terrorist, pass their borders with fake passports and in many cases no Identification at all. But a fighter jet from Russia that is fighting Isis gets shot down because it was allegedly 17 seconds in Turkish airspace? A good question to ask is why are the Russians operating with bombing campaigns so close to the Turkish border? Well that question is easy to answer:  the Turks are making a shit lot of money buying oil for as low as $15.- a barrel from Isis.


Many Toyota trucks, Kalashnikov’s, ammunition, supplies it is all finding their way into Syria through Turkey, not to mention all the foreign fighters by the tens of thousands who travel over Turkish territory to join Isis in Syria. Wonder why the US drops leaflets from the sky to terrorist transporting oil to leave their vehicles? Wonder why the Turks are pissed that Russians are bombing these colonnes transporting millions of Barrels of oil on route to Turkey ( that’s why the Russian bombing those targets)? What did Donald Trump say: Bomb the oil fields take away Isis money supplies.


Breaking: Russian Rescue Helicopter Destroyed With John MCCain Supplied Tow Missiles.

Then a Russian helicopter is shot down in Syria, the Russian helicopter pilots were searching for the pilots from the downed Russian fighter jet. On youtube a video is produced that the Russian Helicopter is downed by U.S backed Free Syrian Army “soldiers” ( with other words Jihadist/El Nursa/Al Qaeda, Isis).  To make it more juicy the rapport is made by SOHR , the head of SOHR is the Sunni Muslim who hates Assad, who reports from his website SOHR from London from an attic above a clothing store. He and his 150 volunteers in Syria: the miracle magic reporters who report from all over Syria constantly with the chance of dying in the process, the real media “heroes”….  all over Syria at the right place at the right time and reporting about everything: recruiting Isis members, Kidnapped Christians, conquering of cities by Isis, following Toyota Trucks, Stoning and killing of Woman, Suicide bomber attacks, identification of terrorist and kidnapped death victims.  The journalist miracle team which never sleeps and work 24 hour around the clock, but not ever producing a piece of news that would shed a different light on the actions of Assad and allies ( SOHR has actually nothing to do with anything humanitarian but is a propaganda spy organization for Spectre). The Syrian Observatory For Human Right, the puke and garbage from the Sunni Muslim operating his website from the London one bedroom attic, quoted and brought to you by the Mass Media, CNN, BBC all the newspapers. What a farce, check my previous blogs about  this piece of shit garbage Syrian Sunni and judge yourself.

Read my previous blog and judge yourself about SOHR!

Who’s Bombing Who in Syria? Propaganda,Media’s ISIS and “Assad” The New Epiphany of Terror!

For 15 months nothing happened in Syria when the U.S started it’s so called bombing campaign, Isis got stronger and stronger. The US, Turkey, Saudi’s knew exactly knew what they were going to do, make money with Islamic Jihadist fruit cakes. Remove Assad, we must remove Assad? What’s the alternative if Assad is gone, 20 years of civil war? Oil, Money, Power, their own interest this all creating more and more religious insane terrorist fueling the Muslim cause of Jihad around the world.

Dona_Bozzi Shutterstock.com
picture by Dona_Bozzi Shutterstock

An avalanche of new Jihadist terror threats addressed by Isis ( promoted by the Mass Media) towards U.S cities such as Washington and New York. Leaders of Western Nations publicly announced they will share intelligence information in the fight against Isis (Straight Out Of The 007 Bond Movie Spectre). What a farce, for 15 months the U.S is bombing Isis targets with some of its allies especially ISIS stronghold Raqqa. Russia came in with brutal force and bombed the shit out of Isis, France throwing Bombs now, but Raqqa well Raqqa must be the wonder city it is still in Isis hands ( Is there even a city left)? I bet you anything Isis parked thousands of white Toyota Trucks around the city these pick-ups do not have a scratch on their paint.

Surely there is not a Muslims problem and it has nothing to do with Islam. But dozens of Terrorist Raids were done in Muslim Ghetto’s so called no gone zones. This is where the homegrown Jihadist and Radicalization is taking place ( and in prison and mosques) but of course denied by the political correct politicians ( fuck decades of failed integration policies and no assimilation by large groups of Muslims to the western culture, as long as we are political correctness and blame others for being a racist). World Wide Global Attack Force is suggested by the Russians ( sounds familiar, Spectre).
This avalanche of Mass Media Promoted  terrorist attacks, raids and new terrorist threats just comes after the headlines in the World Wide Media  “Controlled by Spectre Organization”  that British Homegrown Terrorists Jihad John received a drone up his ass and is finally killed. The news comes after Obama claiming Isis is weakened and they are losing territory. Two days later and the world is watching terrorist attacks in Paris leaving 129 people killed  and over 100+ Anti-Terrorist Raids across the country. Terrorist arrested in Germany, France, Belgium, Honduras, Brussels on lock down, Holland vs Germany soccer match canceled.  That name should not be Anti-Terrorist Squad by Anti-Islamic Muslim Squad. The Isis Brand is pushed by the Spectre Controlled World Wide Mass Media to the most recognized brand in the world and plenty of delusional religious lunatics who are brainwashed enough to start to do some suicide bombing in name of Isis.
The Mass Media calling the plotter of the Paris Attacks a mastermind.
Donald Trump makes the right statement again:  They are not masterminds but thugs and losers, scum of the earth, Brainwashed religious insane people who mostly have a criminal prison background. Social outcast, sexually frustrated men with no morals or respect for human life,  hiding behind a Quran, they are no different than war mongering governments and political leaders. Sick mentally ill filth which does not deserve a letter of their names in the media or their so called fantasy cause.
People just love to belong to a group, radical enough as long as it is popular and on TV or the mass sheep need the  following of some “holy” scripture ( a couple of thousand dollar salary and a yazidi slave girls helps as well), plenty of retarded buffoons who can be manipulated and pushed to do some terrorizing not understanding they are just used for the Neo Cons Spectre Organization and will be eliminated once their goals are reached. If you are a brainwashed Jihadist Muslim you want to have your name affiliated with Isis, people do not even know how you spell El Nursa or Hamas anymore, Isis replaced the Al Qaeda brand and like Al Qaeda Isis is created, trained and funded by the U.S, the U.S ( Spectre Organization) and has been the front-runner in marketing and promoting name brands in the world for the last century. The Illuminati is often accused of telegraphing their sinister agenda’s in plain sight ( like George Soros).
Actor Donald Sutherland Confirms Hunger Games Is Allegory For The U.S
Why I Rejected Religion And Instead Raised My Son On Star Wars 
The writer of the Script of the new James Bond Movie Spectre is so accurate and the release of the movie is so well timed it’s actually more scary then all Islamic terrorist groups combined! I praise that some real 007 agent out there can stop all this madness, then Hollywood can make the final Bond Movie based on a real story “once more”! I drink to that: a martini shaken dry, not stirred!

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