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Isis Giant “Bruce Lee’s”, Cage: Muslim lawyers and human rights-groups, Cologne Cathedral cost 1 euro!


Before I comment on some of the recent news reports that were apparently witnessed by human rights activists I would like to share the following study conclusion with you all: In a recent program on the Discovery science channel “through the wormhole” with narrator Morgan Freeman it was explained and demonstrated that people will change their mind to go a long with the crowd even if it goes against their original opinion or view point. They believe a lie just to join the majority. Studies show that if you would put an individual together with a bunch of other people at a dinner and they would all talk about their mutual experience from the night before the majority of individuals would change their mind and actually believe the new story. More surprisingly when they use the same person to experience the same thing two weeks later without the pressure of being with another group of humans with a different opinion the results would stay the same. Even two weeks later most individuals that were undergoing the test still would lie to themselves even without the pressure of the other humans present with a different opinion. 

Their reality memory brain was basically altered and they believed their own lies. Interesting, If you still wonder why so many youngsters are joining terrorist groups like Isis or a religion, you now know why. Humans just love wishful thinking and belonging to a large group of humans with the same thought patterns and opinions. Especially religious people that glorify irrationality and condemn other humans with a different opinions and lifestyle.

The daily newspapers and TV broadcasting’s inform us daily on new atrocities and developments of the number 1 public enemy the terrorist group Isis. Surely I would love to see the CNN journalists Dos Santos or Amanpour  work in close contact with the Isis terrorist group as war and terrorist reporters from the front, for some real “journalist” reporting. Unfortunately the regular news are printing their stories through their new source of news information: human rights groups and other charity groups such as: The Sirian Observatorium for Human rights reports on monday 23 feb 2015 that Isis cannot find new recruits, what a bummer for Isis.
Isis can not find recruits!
The report says only 54 new recruits in the last month ( it then says these numbers are probably not accurate, no kidding?) But the human rights organization does report that it knows directly after the rise of the caliphate the number of recruits were 6300. The website of the Syrian human rights observation says the following: Quote” The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is not associated or linked to any political body. The SOHR was founded in May of 2006.” The United Kingdom-based SOHR has their offices ran out of a two-bedroom apartment and is basically run by one person, Rami Abdulrahman ( Syrian Sunni Muslim who also runs a clothing shop). His news is often quoted by CNN, Reuters, BBC, Voice of Africa etc In an interview with Rami Abdulrahman in 2011 he reported to have a network of 200 volunteers in Syria and that 6 of his sources were killed. If 6 of his sources were killed in 2011 and the average loss of lives within his human rights organization volunteers would be 6 a year, he should have about 150 volunteers left. Good for this organization those 150 SOHR members never got caught and can be seen captured in a cage being burned alive, great work from the SOHR ground correspondents. We should not forget that these 150 volunteers are all spread out near the borders of Syria and all airports. The SOHR correspondents are in possession off an electronic tally device and a paper with questions for the new recruits of Isis.
Question 1:
Are you an Islamic terrorist of any kind? answer:
A, Yes
B, Sleeper
C, No
D, Don’t know yet.
( So far they only received 56 papers with the answer A –  signed by new recruits )
It should be noticed that SOHR also has connections to the data base of all the names of the inhabitants in Syria and has great connections with all the secret services, these are busy times in the two bedroom office in London for Rami Abdulrahman. The report in the Dutch newspaper continues that in the northeast of Syria Isis captures 56 Assyrian Christians ( if Christians) and kidnapped them to the town of Hassaka. The number 56 could be much higher as it is known that the tally device used by informants for SOHR are malfunctioning many times as they are used so  much to count terrorist and kidnapped Christians.
Christians being kidnapped goes from 56 to 90.

One day later in the Dutch Telegraph: 
The correct number was not 56 but 90 Christians from Syria being kidnapped by Isis and brought to Hassaka, unfortunately the reporter for SOHR could not inform us on how the hostages are doing, but they do know all the kidnapped are Christians ( there is no information how the SOHR correspondents know this, maybe the Christians wear a yellow patch on their clothing or they were all kidnapped from the local church).

“Activist” Isis holds 150 Christians hostages and will threaten to kill them.
February 25th CNN reports on 150 Christians being captured by Isis, source: Osama Edward, founder of the Assyrian Human Rights Network please do not be confused by SOHR from Rami Abdulrahman ( London 2 bedroom activist) this is not the same human rights group and we should consider ourselves lucky that CNN has these connections with several human rights groups and that Osama Edward had his “people” in the area where the Christians were kidnapped as well.  Osama Edward just supplied his correspondents with brand new tally devices, so we went from 56 to 90 to 150 kidnapped Christians in less than two days. There are many woman and children amongst the captured Christians, but the tally devices do not specify this, they just count 1 captured human being as a click and the human rights activist on the ground often do not have time to work with multiple tellers for separating clicks for woman and children. Edward reports he has family members in the area, but it is not clear if they are among the captured Christians, this would be a great undercover operation if his family members could report from inside their prison place on how the hostages are treated. Most human rights group are sponsored by the church and with the support of donations from the public they often do help victims in troubled territories, often with food in one hand and the bible in the other. Hey you do believe in the hand that feeds you don’t you?

Bruce Lee would roll over in his grave: martial arts training by Isis wannabe terrorist.

We already see Hollywood style propaganda videos like the burning Jordanian pilot in the cage and the parade of Christians on their way to their beheadings on the beach. But this one caught my attention:

 ISIS Training Video Shows Fighters Attempting Martial Arts
The new Isis propaganda video is a slapstick movie for martial arts lovers.

Isis warriors breaking  a very thin tile with their heads is humorous and the scene seems to be stolen out of a Bruce Lee movie ( they should remember Bruce Lee’s words: boards don’t hit back), especially the last spinning back kick looks like a taekwondo white belt action. Then there is the camouflage gun man running around covered in leaves looking like a sick plant with a Kalashnikov, hilarious. The Isis terrorist’s are all masked and climbing down by a rope from a rooftop of a local building. They should put it on fast forward or do some Hollywood style editing with the footage as it looks like a bunch of non trained 1st grader boy scouts who just ate a huge meal coming down from the rope like snails. Then there is that ever annoying parade of white trucks with Isis warriors, where the fuck is a drone when you need one. Every time these truck shots with Isis warriors, for god sake ( to use the religion terms) white trucks with black Isis warriors with machine guns and waving Isis flags in a miles and miles long colonne, this image must have been broadcasted 100.000 times. What the fuck are those Americans and Egyptians and Syrians bombing? Why can’t we see some images of that collum of Isis trucks being destroyed by one of these bombings?

Picture by Neftali Shutterstock.com
Isis army of 7 footers? Experts say the video of Copt Beheadings manipulated.

If there is one guy within the Isis terrorist group who deserves to be be-headed it’s the producer of the propaganda videos. Fuck he has all the equipment and technology, but he just could not help himself and his ego when producing the 21 Christian be-headings video. He made the Isis warriors 7 feet tall, whoehoee spooky and very frightening those giant Isis terrorists. Btw, where are the spy human rights associates reports on the whereabouts of these mass executions. I mean 21 prisoners in orange suits and 21 giants Isis terrorists some as big as 7 feet in black clothing following their prisoners on a beach with a film crew, where are the reports from the human rights activist or were they too busy counting Christians being kidnapped by Isis? Where are the drones and the spy planes and satellites? 


The video has some sound effects of the ocean picked right out of a Discovery nature broadcasting about Ocean life. According to the report on fox video experts say there should not be more the 6 man on the beach and that the whole video was made using a blue screen and added sound effects in a studio. This would a least give the human rights activist spies and drone operators some credit as they can’t reports things which did not take place ( or take it out of context). The perspective according to the shore line is wrong and according to the experts that is an amateur mistake. ISIS in Libya ? Even if the producer would have hired the whole Syrian national Basketball team members there is only one 7 footer, what the fuck was he thinking making all these Isis warriors look like giants. Did he really think nobody would notice or was this done on purpose to make Isis warriors more intimidating and frightening?

Experts say the mass beheading video may be a hoax   
Al- Shabaab threatens malls in Europe and the US, FBI downplay threat.
Video message from Al-Shabaab reveals terror strikes against shopping malls in Europe and the US. Al-Shabaab is definitely getting pissed/jealous with all the media attention Isis is getting and the same goes for terrorist group Boko Haram. Other terrorist groups that are feeling less important than Isis should release more propaganda videos and they need a better PR department to propel the popularity of these terrorist groups. Boko Haram was competing with Isis with their mass slaughter of 2000 people according to the news headlines, it must be said that Boko Haram starts to understand that to bring out a message you need connections to Human Rights organizations and their networks.
But he who reads the news article carefully can notice the following: 1 Amnesty international calls  it the deadliest massacre in history of Boko Haram ( Amnesty international stands for another “journalist and spy” wannabe organization). The head line says 2000 “deadliest massacre” and 2000 feared dead. People kept stepping on bodies and a local defense group with great ties to Amnesty international says they stopped counting the bodies ( that’s horrible those human rights activist volunteers stopped counting at 2000, why?), I guess the tally machines from the local and international human rights groups have problems everywhere in the world these days.
Washington post: Boko Haram may have killed 2000 ( yes in the title says MAY have killed )

Back to Al-Shabaab and the treat to the European and American malls: I suggest to have armed military guards at the entrances and emergency exits of all malls. There would be a special team of people who would give every “sheep” shopper a Kalashnikov and 1 grenade to defend themselves upon entering the shopping mall in case of a security leak, the customers would have to return the weapons when they are done shopping and leave the mall. People who are from Somalia and other Muslims should wear a yellow star patch on their clothes when they go shopping in these shopping malls. They would only be allowed to shop 1 hour a day and can’t carry any weapons when entering and shopping in the malls, they have to show their ID cards, take photo prints and do a blood test before entering the mall. Children of the Muslims can play outside the mall in a bomb proof bunker in case they swallowed explosives for a suicide attack. On bloody Friday the Muslims are not allowed to shop as this event is reserved for the American sheep society.

The old pirate stories like Captan Philips ( Hollywood blockbuster with Thom Hanks about Somalia pirates ) are historical, those pirates were the less educated. The more educated Somalians are the refugees that are instructed and guided by human rights groups to flee the country and will receive free transportation with their families, for example a free trip to my home country Holland that only in 2014 received tens of thousands refugees from Somalia ( 150.000 Muslims from Morocco and Turkey and Somalia in 2014). Socialist and other human rights groups then guide these refugees how to fill in forms to receive their monthly funds. And breeding children that is highly rewarded with free education, food and clothing and of course the freedom to practice their Muslim religion. Even the terrorist sleepers among-st the refugees are so impressed by the foreign hospitality they rather keep sleeping and breeding and put their suicide missions on the back burner. 

That way please..

The West is wonderful, especially God’s human rights workers and volunteers. Hard working tax paying civilians who’s tax dollars are well spent by the church and the human right groups, at least we do not have to worry anymore about some Somalia pirates at sea, they know the way now to a much better life without the risk of getting shot or put in prison. Isn’t it great that by chance you would want to go on a boat ride in the Atlantic and know now there are no more dangerous Somalian  pirates anymore in those waters, it’s fantastic!

But it’s not that difficult with so many aid workers and human rights workers in troubled territories and war zones to a have a fresh supply of hostages and propaganda tools for a terrorist group like Isis.

Kayla Jean Mueller the 26 year old American aid worker and devoted Christian who worked in Syria was never afraid because she had God on her side and she had a Syrian boyfriend. I guess the church did not want to pay for her release when she was held hostage by Isis. According to the reports Isis asked 6 million for her release, but the church who has huge cash reserves is too busy buying property and buying off sex scandals. Don’t get me wrong I do not think a penny should be paid for any delusional religious freaks from any religion who are going to troubled nations with some so called God on their side. Ironically Isis made a statement that during Friday prayer the criminal crusader coalition aircraft bombed the place were Isis was holding Kayla and it was their fault she was dead.

This Cologne cathedral is valued in the financial books of the church for 1 euro!

The Church in Germany made their financial balance public in 2013 the wealth of the bisdom 3.35 billion. Surely these numbers are a little on the lower side as the famous Cologne Cathedral in Köln Germany is in the books for 1 euro (yes you read that correctly 1 euro) Imagine you would put the Bellagio,Wynn and the Mirrage hotels in the books for 1 dollar?  The bisdom of Limburg has “bling bishop” Franz-Peter Tebarts-van Elst, I wonder how he got that nickname? The Limburg “Bling Bishop”  reported only 940 million of wealth in that year 2013. According to the Spiegel the conservative cardinal Joachim Meisner gave himself the title of watchdog from God, his main goal was to obtain all the wealth of the bisdom, which worked surprisingly well. 


For the people who do not know it yet, God has a huge money problem and needs his earthling followers, messengers, disciples, aid workers, priests, cardinal, terrorist and bishops to keep gathering wealth especially from the poor and ignorant. Sorry Kayla, but 6 million is outrageous sum of ransom money for a church to pay for just some aid worker especially while having a romantic relationship with a Syrian, you have to become at least a priest or more higher up on the holy ladder and commit some sex crimes before money is spent on your well-being.

The Human rights group Cage!
‘Jihadi John’: CAGE representative storms off Sky News after accusing Kay Burley of Islamaphobia.
But the spokesman and defenders of the Muslims and the religion of Islam are not spreading the right message.

Instead of condemning the atrocities of “Jihad John” we can witness a press conference of two bearded Muslims so called lawyers from Cage, one lawyer says Jihad John was a beautiful man? Well, Ted Bundy was good looking as well according to many media reports, wtf does that have to do with Jihad John cutting off hostages heads, seriously? Ooh wait he was a victim of the West, I guess the human aid workers and socialists did not guide this Muslim well to fill in his application forms for free money education and health insurance after he graduated from Westmister university in England and he felt discriminated. I got news for you, there would not be people left on this planet with a head on their shoulders if all citizens who felt discriminated and offended started cutting off other people’s heads. I must say that their name Cage has a lot of “charm” and warm feelings for a human rights organization especially now Isis is burning people alive in Cages and parades their prisoners in cages.

Quote from the Cage website: CAGE is an independent advocacy organisation working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror. The organisation highlights and campaigns against state policies, striving for a world free from oppression and injustice.

A shortage of cages has been reported in Syria and Iraq and rumor has it that Isis is buying up all UFC cages and has them transported to Syria. The human rights groups Cage report that they have been two years in contact with the Londoner “Jihadi John” who has been identified as west 27 year old Londoner Mohammed Emwarzi and the Cage representatives claimed Mohammed Emwarzi “Jihad John” was harassed by the secret service. No kidding, harassed… well that’s quite mild considering his headhunter work for the caliphate. Those secret services were right on the money, the only mistake they made is not locking up this schizophrenic delusional religious sick retard, before he started taking heads. This made great TV, I mean how stupid did those bearded bafoons from Cage calling themselves lawyer looked on TV, defending a headhunter lunatic because he was harassed, hilarious! Surely the interviewer Kay Burley was accused of being Islamophopia, yes lets label the interviewer for asking serious questions, I mean Cage was two years contact with “Jihadi John” and nothing suspicious…., but when you ask a question as a reporter to a Muslim lawyer who speaks for an organization named Cage who strives for a world free of oppression then you are having Islamophobia issues, hahahahaha just too funny.

The Netherlands human rights groups and Aid workers invite hate Imams.

The Netherlands has recently also experienced Aid worker and human rights Muslim groups who held charity events, one was cancelled in Holland because they invited hate imams ( their visas were revoked, problem solved). But the major of Utrecht will allow a charity event of the world wide relief organization. Damn so many noble organizations that were grounded to help the humans in need, so noble.  On March 1st Sheikh Asim al-Hakeem whose opinion is that Jews and Christians should be killed and that the Taliban represents Islam will speak at the charity event in Utrecht with a bunch of other Imams. Great connection in Saudi Arabia from the organizers of this charity event, the Saudis are known for their lavish gifts to human aid workers. Grab your wallets and donate your money ( new tally devices will be bought for keeping body count for the human rights groups and more “1” euro properties will be bought by the church ), listen carefully to the messengers of god on how to behave to make this charity organization flourish and become as powerful as the roman Catholic Church, Amen or should I say Allahu Akbar?

Bas Boon says: “Holy” Book found on the Moon….



About Bas Boon

”’Bas Boon”’ is the founder and has been the manager of Team Golden Glory since 1999, a network association of mixed martial artists, and kickboxers headquartered in Netherlands and Thailand. He has trained and managed the likes of Alistair Overeem, Semmy Schilt, Sergei Kharitonov. Stefan Leko, Marloes Coenen, Nieky Holzken, Errol Zimmerman, Gokhan Saki and many more… Below is the biography on the Golden Glory website: :“Born and raised in Holland, Bastiaan Simon Boon is one of the most powerful figures in the fight business today. He has been promoting and producing fight events for the past 35 years. Today he is the owner of Golden Glory, the strongest and most feared fight team in the Globe. Currently Mr Boon represents Pride, K1,Dream, UFC and Too Hot To Handle fighters and champions. Something that has never happened before in the industry. Boon is the son of Kasper Boon the noted Professor, Doctor and Engineer. At the age of 17 the young entrepreneur Bas Boon began his first sports oriented company, Nikko Toshogu Sports, a Martial Arts equipment company that became enormously successful and quickly spawned a number of other businesses including Nikko Press, and production company. While still a teenager Boon became the youngest promoter of professional martial arts competitions sponsoring Thai Fighting and Kick Boxing events throughout Europe, promoting and producing more than 300 shows world-wide. As a television producer Boon was responsible for conceiving and creating 22 episodes of the series Oriental Fight Promotions which was broadcast by the Super Channel across Europe, he also produced 20 martial arts programs broadcast by Euro-Sport, and several free martial arts fighting events for the FOX TV Network in Holland. With long time partner Frederico Lapenda, Boon produced of the “Red Light District” which was broadcast by FOX FILES in the United States. Boon is also the Producer of the series “You Gotta See This”, aired by FOX. Bas Boon also produced 5 Hollywood Movies together with partner Frederico lapenda He has also distribute Fighting and Martial Arts shows for world-wide TV and DVD licensing. Boon’s ventures has generated a numerous of articles for such magazines as the German edition of Playboy, Dutch TV Guide, Revue, Actueel Panorama, all the major newspapers in Europe and several sports and martial arts magazines in Japan and the United States.” Bas Boon was also an executive producer of the well known Glory World Series which also was sold to Glory Sports International. In 2012. Bas Boon helped facilitate in the sales of the Golden Glory and Nikko library to Glory Sports International and is affiliated as a consultant. Bas Boon can be found at the Fight Game Camp, Golden Glory in Pattaya, Thailand. 2- May 2012 Dureka Lang Carrasquill Tranberg capital:: Boon is a polarizing figure. Outspoken, unorthodox and fiercely demanding when it comes to staging events, he is a suave entrepreneur with a business mind that switches between Wall Street and street hustler as the situation demands. Where the American mixed martial arts organisation Ultimate Fighting Championship has the foul-mouthed fight fan Dana White as its president, GLORY has his European counterpart - the colorful and confrontational Bas Boon, president of GLORY Sports, the sporting division of GLORY Sports International (“GSI”). And where White is counterbalanced by the urbane Lorenzo Fertitta, so too is Boon contrasted with Marcus Luer, the GSI managing director.

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