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Mass Media: Why You Must Hate Russia, MH17, Sickening Propaganda Putin – Trump

Mass Media: Why You Must Hate Russia, MH17, Sickening Propaganda This month the American and European propaganda machine is running on full force to make sure you hate Russia. The intensity of bullshit through CNN the BBC and other Mass ...

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Munich Shooter was Iranian Muslim, Mass Media forgets Ali, Epidemic of “mental Illness” spreading in Europe

The Mass media is in damage control mode regarding another Islamist inspired mass shooting in Munich Germany. Within one day the headlines worldwide printed in fashionable sheep mode: To make it more juicy: Local Mosques are open throughout the night ...

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Orlando Shooter = Islamic Muslim Gay Terrorist registered Democrat Omar, False Flag Debunked, Trump is right!

(picture by Dona Bozzi ) Just another Muslim who likes Hollywood movies and Kalashnikov’s Nothing to worry about- Islam is The Religion Of Peace The horrific shooting in the Pulse Gay establishment is announced as the worst mass shooting in ...

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Je Suis un Leftard, CNN’s “Front-Line Belgium” Exposed, Islamic Muslim Terrorist Censorship in Mass Media

New None Religious Militants and Extremist Are To Blame for terrorist attacks! Je Suis Un Coward, Je Suis un Fou, Je Suis Un Retard, Je Juis Un Leftard, Je Suis Candlelight, Je Suis Silent March, Je Juis Un Fleur…… http:// ...

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