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Obama’s African Union Speech, the dentist lion killer and corrupt humans will have a new show which will bankrupt the UFC.

Obama’s African Union Speech, the dentist lion killer and corrupt humans will have a new show which will bankrupt the UFC.   Obama’s  Speech to the African nations about fraud. Zimbabwe collects 50K from dentist hunter who kills Cecil the lion! President ...

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Islam Was The Motive For Chattanooga shooter Abdulazeez And All Other Islamic Terrorist Attacks.

Obama calls Abdul a lone gun man, but the Charleston Church Shooter acted on behalf of the entire white race?     Let’s look at the facts: The family of Abdul, he had a violent father who wanted to have a second ...

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Isis Giant “Bruce Lee’s”, Cage: Muslim lawyers and human rights-groups, Cologne Cathedral cost 1 euro!

  Before I comment on some of the recent news reports that were apparently witnessed by human rights activists I would like to share the following study conclusion with you all: In a recent program on the Discovery science channel ...

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King “Clint”Abdullah “Punks” Isis. An Execution too far, Muslim killing Muslim.

Feeling Lucky Punk! The King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah” declares war on Isis The King of Jordan “Clint” Abdullah” declares war on Isis, the king quoted in the movie from Clint Eastwood the “Unforgiving” and he portrays himself as the ...

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Holocaust Documentary “Night Will Fall” Is Full OF Inconsistencies And Propaganda! Palestine & Israel questions.

  I Just finished watching the TV documentary Night will fall also called the lost footage of the holocaust.   Please note I am not a holocaust denier nor do I try to say that this horrible event did not ...

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Head Hunter Network, Head For A Head, John Kerry Says Not To Use The Word Islamic!

Head Hunter Network (HHN) is a TV network showcasing be-headings and live be-headings is in full development, CNN denies having anything to do with the new channel, but insiders report it is funded by the backers of CNN through a ...

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Royal Scum, King Abdullah the “merciful reformer”dies, Who counts the dead Propaganda?, Deadly Banana Peels and Nazi’s!

The worldwide propaganda machine is working overtime to push Europe into a civil war. The euro is at an all-time low and the dollar is strong. Muslims are offended again by satirical cartoons and the infidel that ridicules their prophet ...

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If I was a God, this planet would be awesome, wishful thinking!

Can you imagine having God’s so called power? Religious people claim God is almighty and all knowing. God decides what happens to everybody in this earthly life whether or not you are bad person or good person he will send ...

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The Overly Offended Muslims Is The Definition of Insanity!

Muslim Soap Mosque image! Mankind has been fighting wars before there were Gods when Gods came and when they vanished again. The never ending battle between the faiths in the twentieth century, Israel Vs Arabs, Muslims against Christians, Hindu’s, Buddhist ...

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