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McGregor, Putin, Trump…The power of the Fight Game!

McGregor, Putin, Trump…The power of the Fight Game! Conor McGregor Official “The Notorious” Instagram starts with “The Face of the Fight Game” and yes Conor you are the Face of the Fight Game! I promoted the first MMA event on ...

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Glory Kickboxing the path to become a Billion $ franchise. The Netherlands has become the new Japan of fight sports!

It’s 2019 December 21st a record paying attendance of 31.000 screaming Dutch fans are witnessing Glory Collision 2 Badr Hari vs Rico Verhoeven in the Gelderdome in Arnhem Holland. GLORY Collision 2 Delivers MASSIVE Netherlands TV Rating The event broke ...

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Pedophile Pandemic, Epstein, Mass shootings, Must Hate Trump – Why? What to do?

The devil is in the details Epstein, Trump, Clinton and Mass Shooters motive as to why the media makes you hate Trump! Epstein is death and pro Trump supporters are accusing the Clintons of murdering him and the democrats blame ...

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Brilliant “Shocking” Advertisements, Kaepernick with Nike, Donald Trump Illegal Immigrant Add, Mayweather vs Tenshin!

The Virtual Signaling Unemployed King Kaepernick Can Be Seen in the New Nike Commercial. A brilliant move by the Nike corporation as it became quickly the most talked about subject on social media and Mass Media, mission accomplished. Ok, it ...

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Knowledge is Power, how a computer program made me rich and powerful!

Knowledge is Power! When I started my business, it was in the 80’s the age of VHS video cassettes and analogue TV broadcastings. My first encounters with computers was earlier. My father was a professor, a doctor an engineer who ...

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Khabib vs Mc Gregor, Nations, Religion, Hatred, Ego, Testosterone, Chaos, Statism, Authoritarianism and talk of a rematch!

The UFC 229 was without a doubt one of the most entertaining spectacles of the last year. The incident with Khabib and Mac Gregor kind of made you forget how good and entertaining the other fights were. After tons of ...

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Take control of your life! How to avoid being a slave to negative thoughts, alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine… My friend called me from the beautiful Caribbean Island, Aruba. He was in a state of panic, he went to the island with his new finance from Estonia to ...

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The UFC and The State Athletic Commission, sports, politics and Bas Boon’s answer to doping allegations.

  The UFC and The State Athletic Commission. There are no rules and banned in 50 states, it’s the beginning of the UFC and the Semaphore Entertainment group with distributor Trimark have a special way off advertising the “human cock ...

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The UFC went behind my back. Promoters vs Managers a lesson, turning something negative into positive.

Picture: Gokhan Saki winning the K-1 Hawaii GP During my career in the Fight Game business I have been a promoter, producer and manager which resulted in a front row seat for all the tricks in the book. The UFC ...

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