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Baby Kato Visiting Buddhist Temples in Thailand, KatoBoonFamily Good Karma Secret Revealed

Thailand, the land of the smiles, indeed, the followers of this YouTube channel have now witnessed the change the Kato Boon Family has made moving from their luxury Pattaya resort to a small Pig farm in the Esan. The Esan ...

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Baby Kato Funny New Frog “Princess” Search For A Best Friend Fairy Tail Kiss

Baby Kato Funny New Frog “Princess” Search For A Best Friend Fairy Tail Kiss The KatoBoonFamily is visiting relatives in the Isan who have a frog farm (Frog: pronounced Kob in Thai). Baby Kato loves his new encounter with this ...

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Baby Kato Snake Battle Grandfather Catches A King Cobra

Baby Kato Snake Battle Kato is almost two years old and has his first encounter with an enormous snake. There was a storm in the Isan that caused a wall to fell at the Kato Boon Family Pig farm. Because ...

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Kato Boon Family Goes Pigshit

The Boon family left a luxurious lifestyle life in Pattaya and moved to Isan Thailand. Everybody who remembers the TV hit (9 seasons) The Beverly Hillbillies, the poor family suddenly got rich and moved from the farmland to the city ...

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Family Boon the success story of Entrepreneurship

Joris Boon Kasper Boon Bas Boon #kaboons #kaboontje #60PlusPlaza #skillstown #glory #vitalityone #nikkosports #nikkopress #fightgame #goldenglory #gloryworldseries #writer #producer #trainer #manager #developer #creativeminds #entrepreneurlife #familylife with Joris BoonKasper Boonbas boon #successful in #entertainment #globalevents #globalbrands #idioms #learning #learningplatform #learningtechnologies #motivational #publicspeakers #motivationalspeakers #successfulpeople #successfulmindset ...

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The Japanese Government is prepared to give away the cure for the Coronavirus for free, now that’s good will!

The coronavirus has created havoc around the world and plunged many economies-into the abyss. Certainly the most brilliant-scientist in the world have tried to figure out in record time a way to beat this virus, like Scott Adams said it’s ...

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Crisis in the Kremlin, has Putin’s “team” sabotaged his re-election?

Jerusalem Post 31 March headline: 2020 Putin Offered Trump Russian corona-virus help! The same Media headlines in my home country in Holland where an article claimed that Trump accepted the help of Putin to fight the #Wuhanvirus. First there were ...

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#WuhanVirus, Lies, Manipulation, Propaganda, WHO/CDC “Human Errors”, Incompetence, but there is hope, here is why:

I am writing this blog from my farm in the South of Thailand distancing myself from this pandemic and waiting for my new son to be born in a few months! I am surfing the internet and speaking to sources ...

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The “planned” Chinese #Wuhanvirus – The WHO / CDC world domination!

The “planned” Chinese #Wuhanvirus  –  The WHO / CDC world domination! In January 2020 I had a conversation with a hedge funds manager about math. I knew my friend was a brilliant mathematician as well as my father. I followed ...

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